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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Crank spigot bush

Advice please: Replacing gearbox, clutch and crank spigot bush on my 1100 engine. Does the first motion shaft run "dry" in the spigot bearing or should there be a small amount of lubricant? - grease? oil? what?
Simon Wood

the spigot bush is porous and should be pre-lubed by heating immersed n oil before fitting. No further lubricant
is needed.

They should come pre-lubricated but if they have been sitting for a while some can weep out. Various ways have been mentioned to get more lube back in such as filling the centre and pressing a finger down on the top to produce pressure to force the oil into the pores.
David Billington

I store them in oil
Flip Brühl

How about dropping the bearing into the bottom of an (empty) wine bottle, adding enough oil to cover it, then using a Vacu Vin pump to reduce the pressure and draw out any air from the pores (which will then be replace by oil)?

Of course, the only drawback with this is that you might have to drink a bottle of wine first, and it would be best to select one that comes in a clear bottle.

Have fun!
Jonathan Severn


That's basically what they do in production from what I understand, they place the bushes in a vacuum chamber, evacuate it , then flood it with oil to fill the pores.
David Billington

I like Jonathan's response best of all!!!
Thank you everyone for your replies
Simon Wood

Hope you enjoy the wine!

I've no idea whether a Vacu Vin will really pull sufficient vacuum to evacuate the air from the pores, but it would be interesting to hear how you get on if you try this.
Jonathan Severn

I have never seen one pre lubricated and I have fitted 100s!

Place the bush on one thumb so it balances upright - fill the bush with oil to the top - place other thumb on top of the bush and squeeze - you will see the oil seep out of the pores.

Takes longer to write this than it does to do it!
Chris at Octarine Services

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