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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Door Draught Excluder Clips

Does it matter which way you put them on? They are only barbed on one face.
If I were to guess which face would suffer the more abuse, I would say the inside as we alight from the car, dragging our aged feet across the sills, and the outside at the B-post as we roll aboard.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

They should be barbed on both faces. The single barbed ones are for the sear trim and dashboard.
Bob Beaumont

Sold down the river by suppliers again!
Thanks, Bob. This is one of those 'do it right or regret it forever' jobs, so it's another postponement.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

As a matter of interest, why do seat and dash clips need a barb on the outside, to catch your fingers on?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Three in a row. How often I go round in circles.
Comparing them with the few that I retrieved from the car, I think my new clips are fine (new on the left), though 1/16" deeper.
It's a pity that this is a one-chance-only job, as I'd like to experiment.

Nick and Cherry Scoop

For information. The new clips, on the left, are too deep. They haven't worked for me.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Interesting.I have only come across the one size on the right.
Bob Beaumont

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