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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Early rack/ later steering arms

I thought I knew it all...!, My ex Terry Farman race midget has got an early Morris Minor rack and the later narrow taper steering arms. One of the track rod ends fitted is knackered, but for the life of me I cannot find a replacement. Does anybody know what the fitment might be?,I've tried MGB etc but no joy.
Kim Dear

it should/could be a standard TRE for a late (Triumph) rack. The tie-rods can be swapped between the two types of rack (allegedly, I've not done it personally). So one can use late type arms, TREs and tie-rods with the MMinor rack (which is higher ratio than the Triumph and is the racer's preference).
David Smith

Hi, just been through this myself converting a Frogeye to discs. My front discs had late 1275 and 1500 steering arms with small tapers. My Frogeye steering rack had large tapers. I got TRE's with a small taper but they wouldn't screw onto the tie rods on the Frogeye rack. I needed the arms from the earlier (than 1972) midget that needed large taper TRE's. The arms were the same from first disc braked cars to about 1972, supplied by the above poster!

Rob aka MG Moneypit

It's not something I have come across.

Which one of Terry's Midgets have you got? I know that John Faux bought his FISC car, and I believe his MGOC car was bought by Jim Gotobed.

I think that David Gathercole may have been involved with Terry's cars, so it might be worth talking to him.
Dave O'Neill2

you could try asking Jonathon Heap as he's Morris Minor, Racing and Midgets -

I'm glad Rob replied as I was racking my brains (what's left) and not getting far with my Archive search yet I know there were recent posts on something similar
Nigel Atkins

Hi Dave, its Terry's MGOC car, i bought it from Jim Gotobed last year. Its got track rod ends with the small taper, and the larger thread size to suit the Minor rack. I'll see if I can find an early QH manual, as they used to give thread and taper dimensions, so if I can find a part number I'll post it here for future reference. Its got a Gathercole engine, but I'm not sure if he had any involvement with the rest of the car. Jim Gotobed bashed it several times, and rolled it at Brands Hatch, and Summit did a fair amount of work on it. Adrian Moore has just painted it for me, and I hope to have it out this season(in theory!). Kim
Kim Dear

give Peter May a bell, he's got a good memory.
David Smith

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