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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Ford T9 gearbox conversion question

Good evening gentlemen
I finally hoisted the engine together with the Ford Type 9 gearbox in the car today. Having the engine resting and fastened in the front on the engine brackets and having fastned the rear, the gearbox section, on the large bracket, drilled and fastened that too, so that the engine / gearbox should be situated as it is meant to.
This leaves very little, or actually, leaves not enough space for the clutch slave cylinder between the frame and the bellhousing. Here I really need advice, the casting where the bleed niple fits in, hits the frame. Next, the front of the slave cylinder wikk rest on the bellhousing near the engine plate. This could be "dremled" though.
What I have noticed too is, that the push rod, when fitted, will not be parallel to the driving direction.
Any tips and tricks from the experienced appreciated.


Jan Kruber

is that the correct slave cylinder (GSY 113?)?
Nigel Atkins

Jan, I use a 3mm spacer under the slave to clear the bellhousing and yes the pushrod is slightly out of alignment, it hasn't caused any problems.

With the bleed nipple I have ground the slave away in that area to clear the chassis, it just gives enough clearance. I think I also packed up the back of the gearbox with a 5mm spacer between the rear mount and the new plate. I think you will see that it helps as the slave is close at the upper part of the chassis and it lifts it slightly away.

John Payne

ETA: (deleted the rest by mistake)

Have you got the engine brackets fitted correctly / are they modern made ones.

My engine sits so that the gap between the crank pulley and front cross rail is very tight to get the fan belt through when fitting it.

IIRC the bleed valve on mine is close but does miss frame.

(now added, I'll have to look closer at mine next time I'm under the car as I don't recall seeing these mods on mine).
Nigel Atkins

I just looked in my Moss account, the slave delivered according to the invoice is the GSY113, so should be okay, right?
The engine mounting rubbers are from AH Spares, bought last winther. The brackets themselves are the ones fitted when I bought the Midget.

Grinding as nescessary wwhere required was my thoughts too.
Jan Kruber

GSY113 is what has been fitted to mine before and after the conversion (three times after, best not to ask why three).

I'll have to look at my slave next time I'm under the front of the car (hopefully when it's on a lift and me not working on it).
Nigel Atkins

I assume that is an FL bell housing. On the conversions that I have done I use the David Manners bell-housings which do not have such a pronounced lip. Nevertheless I remove the lip to ensure that the clutch slave sits flat on the pad.

My only experience of a FL bell housing was that on the one being fitted (not by me - I was merely an observer) the slave fixing threads had been drilled and tapped out of square. The person doing the work eventually channelled the longitudinal top hat chassis legs for clearance.

On one of my cars I have used a 12mm spacer twixt chassis re-inforcing plate and gearbox mount.
Alan Anstead

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