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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fuel gauge

Have just fitted a replacement fuel gauge to my 59 Bugeye,the replacement is out of a later (60s or 70s) bmc but not sure exactly what. However it works back to front,shows empty when full,.I suspect that the tank sender unit is the cause.Have tried reversing wires on both gauge and sender to no effect ,has anyone come across this problem before?
Noel Copping

Later gauges are not compatible with earlier sender units.

You need the later sender unit.
Dave O'Neill2

Frogeye gauges are a 12v system whereas later are 10v
using a stabilizer / regulator found under the dashboard or on the bulhead As Dave points out if using a later fuel gauge you will need a later fuel tank sender but also the compatible stabilizer.
Alan Anstead

yes had exactly the same thing on my wifes 59 sprite when I fitted a new smiths guage had to fit sender unit to suit
Darren 2litre frogeye

i had that prob as well, just stick to getting the right gauge. have been a couple on fleabay lately. they are on there from time to should have a number on the top of the face on the gauge. i think a 59 is FG2530/31 but check.
hope this helps bob.
bob taylor

Alan Davies at The Gauge Shop will help you out if you want a correct one.
David Smith

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