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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Fuel hose

Related somewhat to previous posts, what is the bore of the fuel hose running from tank to pump please?

Had a feeling it was 8mm....5/16ths?

Can anyone confirm please?
Mark O

I use 5/16... make sure its actual fuel hose and ethanol rated... or it will vanish to dust in a few weeks

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

i use 8mm rubber hose all the way from the tank to my Facet pump and then from the pump to the carbs.

no problems in 3 years....
Andy Phillips (frankenfrog)

Thanks chaps
Mark O

I run 8 mm from the tank to a fuel filter, then 6 mm from there (or whatever equivalents).

Non original for the 1500, but the only fittings I could find to fit the thread on the tank had 8 mm barbs, so I guess 8 mm is a good bet for you.

Make sure it is J30 R9 spec. I probably have some somewhere if you only need a short length.

M Le Chevalier

Cheers Malcolm, but Internet is very cheap for decent braided stuff! Only need a metre or so. Excellent news ref the car, not quite the weather for testing a small rear wheel drive car but have to say a crisp winter's day drive up Deeside is well worth the effort - providing there's not too much salt about.
Mark O

braided hose is all very well but what's inside it? If it's not stated as J9 (if rubber) or other relevant standard (if plastic / nylon) then the ethanol content in fuel *will* degrade and decompose it.
David Smith

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