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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Gearbox - extra bit


attached image is of a component that was sitting on the bench after inverting the bell housing of the smooth case frogeye gearbox after dismantling, well that and a ball bearing but I know where the ball came from. Essentially it looks like one of the watch strap pins that goes into the lugs on a watch - shown next to the end of the 3rd motion shaft for scale - any ideas A) what it is and B) where it goes? PS none of the gears were dismantled just the shafts removed to allow blasting of the casting.

Thanks in advance

a reid

and now for the picture doh...

a reid

Looks like it's from the layshaft needle roller bearing.


There isn't a Rolex stuck in bottom somewhere is there? :)

J Smith

Yep its a needle roller from the layshaft. The very early gearboxes had the rollers retained by retainers at the end of the laygear. These were replaced by caged bearings in later smoothcase and ribbed boxes I believe. To remove the shafts you have to remove the layshaft and this roller must have escaped. You should renew them as part of the rebuild.

Bob Beaumont

Brilliant - thanks folks - Jim it would be good if there was a Rolex in there somewhere to cover the cost. Its been a while since i looked at it so ill get back in the garage and find the offending roller bearing
a reid

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking

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