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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Meditech FWB back in stock with MGOC Spares

The Meditech FWB (GHK1142Q) sets are back in stock with MGOC Spares.

They are a great alternative the hen's teeth original sets.

The Meditech are £43 a set (two bearings) and include the oil seal.

They should get a year's supply under contract so hopefully no mad rush to get them but it'll be interesting to see how well these sell against the cheaper alternative sets (£23) that don't normally fit so well and don't last too long.

You may want to stop reading now as the next bit is the technical differences and has been repeated a few times on here.

Meditech bearings are SKF face adjusted angular contact bearings with the inner bearing having the all important minimum 2mm depth of radius on the inside edge of its inner race to clear the fillet at the base of the stub axle spindle.

I bet through lack of knowledge and the all invasive tight-fistedness of classic car owners the £20 cheaper sets still outsell the better Meditech sets.
Nigel Atkins

That's good news Nigel and thanks for passing it on.
Jeremy MkIII

Thanks for the news ! Look like there is a fashion lately around talking about bearings :)

Coming from an "owner club" workshop, I even wonder why they continue to sell the cheaper version IF it is proved to be poor quality. I totally understand the idea of proposing two versions (original and reproduction) if they are both good quality : up to the end user to choose. But if reproduction (or original !) are not reliable, I don't expect to find them on a good website.

It is a general comment: the few I had to deal with MG OC spare, they were really helpful and I am fully happy with their service ! It is just my opinion about how to improve ;)
CH Hamon

“Look like there is a fashion lately around talking about bearings :) “

Not just lately!
Dave O'Neill 2

Cedric, if you search the Archive you'll find FWB threads that will literally give you eye ache if you read too many of the posts in one go and IIRC there was very little if any thread drift to add to the thread count.

As for why suppliers sell parts that are not good, and offer an alternative, well . . .
Nigel Atkins

I saw this in the latest edition of "Enjoying MG" but Nigel posted the information here first.
I have ordered a couple of pairs. I don't need them yet, but as I've had the midget for nearly 25 years, I thought it wise to have a set just in case.
Peter Blockley

I'm told the info was on Facebook (I wouldn't know) before I saw it, I was just checking not expecting them to necessarily be back in stock at the time but there they were.

Main thing is that they're back in stock, not sure if the 100 of them is a year's supply or this batch of stock to contract.

Moss have the less (initially possibly) expensive bearings and their taper bearings both on sale price at the moment - alternative ball bearings for those that like a gamble and taper for those that enjoy fiddling around with shims now and later.
Nigel Atkins

Are these a direct replacement or is there fiddling to do?
Clive Berry

IF you have hubs with matched spacers they're a direct fit - ignore info available on MGExp and copied to some posts here (and by me before I learnt better).
Nigel Atkins

Oooooo! A bearing post!
Graeme Williams

I do love a good bearing thread. It’s been a while. ;)

This is just an embryo FWBs thread.

The BBS can always bear another FWB thread. :)
Nigel Atkins

Bring it on! (And learning from the info previous threads too...)

M Wood

There is another one not so far from this one ! :)

I have to say that they fitted nicely, nothing to say. I can't compare with any other though...
CH Hamon

you are literally a beneficiary of (perhaps this thread and) the previous threads which helped lead to the production and reintroduction of the Meditech bearings you were able to buy and use and hopefully have very long life from.

Unfortunately, as often seems to happen for me, these bearings weren't available at this time for me (and others) - but of course became available shortly after I no longer needed them.
Nigel Atkins

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