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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - more mystery parts

Naming of parts.
I have found a bag of small parts wrapped individually in tissue that I think the PO had sent away for rechroming. Not that it was done at all well - it looks as though no preparation or cleaning was done at all.

I have identified quite a lot, but the remaining pieces in this photo are a bit of a mystery. From past experience with the PO, they may not even be relevant to my Frogeye.
e.g Parts A look to me like Triumph Herald boot hinges!
Part G is cetainly a washer jet, but not like any I have ever seen on a Sprite.

But the rest?


The only thing that looks like frogeye parts to me is item B and those look like the sidescreen fixing screws.

Regarding chroming years ago I worked with a guy that had made a Cobra replica and had many parts chromed and a year or so after they were done the company that seemed to be the pros their parts were showing signs of poor chroming, the parts that were standing the test of time were done by a bunch that mainly dealt with bikers and he said initially he feared he may not get out alive but he did and the chroming was top notch.
David Billington


Parts labelled C look exactly like the pylons for 'bullet' style door/wing mirrors.

I bought a set with pylons like that a couple of years ago but haven't got round to fitting them yet!

I'm afraid I can't help with any of the other bits.

C Mee

Thanks David, and thanks Colin.

The "chrome" on those pylon parts is pretty atrocious. I'm not sure thay are useable or recoverable. I wonder if parts J which I thought were just very large washers are part of thebullet mirrors too then?

I'm sure you're right about boot hinges Guy, but I don't think they're Herald. They're too curved I think for the Herald's flat boot lid and the ends are pointy where I think the Herald's are rounded. A35 or Minor maybe?

H, I and maybe J I'd guess at suspension washers.

C ring a bell. They could be wing mirror mounts. Something in the back of my head says possibly Minor again.

D I'm nearly certain are chrome bumper bolts to locate in square holes.

Collectively, fishing weights ;-)

Edit: three responses while I was typing and taking too long to think!

Definately think D are bumper bolts and G possibly mounting plate for interior mirror but cant think off of what at the moment.

T Mason

G is definately an adjustable washer jet. Probably not very clear in the photo.
Yes, D are probably bumper bolts, not that I have any bumpers to go with them!

Colin banged the nail on the head I reckon


J,H,I... appear to me to be just run of the mill every day fender washers found in any box hardware store

1 Paper

H look like backing plates for seat belts. So do I & J. Although the one with the pie piece missing has obviously been modified. B, C & D are as described by above.

I reckon Morris Minor for the hinges. No curve on A35 etc, or on Ashley.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Both parts A definitely look 'Minor'; the larger one is a bonnet hinge, and the other is a Minor boot hinge. They are both 'handed', so would need to see a picture from the stud side to be able to identify which hand they are.

They are made from 'Mazak' (that's the polite name for it!) metal, which is very prone to pitting, unless kept well polished, and/or 'dry' garaged.

Nothing else looks Minor related.


Richard Wale


The Minor bonnet hinge always had a 4 stud fixing, and the boot lid had 3, so IF they are Minor, they are both boot lid hinges - there was a part number change in the early 60's, so may explain the size difference, or maybe only one, or neither is for a Minor!


Richard Wale

Thanks all.
The PO bought the car, already part dismantled with lots of the smaller bits and pieces in boxes. He must have assumed everything he had related to this car and sent all the bright and not so bright shiney bits off for chroming. It doesn't surprise me that the hinges were included as an earlier start had been made on cutting for an opening boot lid and these MM hinges were probably intended for that.


The opening boot lid idea is quite intriguing, and if you chose the right shape with tight gapping, concealed hinges and a remote release, it could be made to look very discreet.

f pollock

Yes, just not what l wanted for this car!

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