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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - oil filter

Chaps...a friend has asked me to help him service his newly acquired Midget BUT it has a disposable oil filter "upgrade"....what is this cartridge likely to be ... need to buy one beforehand. Thanks.
David Cox

Unipart GFE148, or equivalent.

The same as most Minis from about 1972 onwards, I believe.
Dave O'Neill 2

GFE 443 is the other unipart number or Mahle OC21
Bob Beaumont

Just to be clear is it a disposable paper element or a disposable spin-on cartridge filter? A series or 1500?

it's a spin-off canister on a 1275...thanks for your input, folks!
David Cox

Halfords if they're handy for you.
HOF203. Cheap enough to replace at every oil change.

There aren't many filter manufacturers so often more expensive ones can be virtually the same as some cheaper ones just with different printing on them and in a different labelled box (see below).

Recently I done a search for a (different) oil filter for a mate so I can warn you not to trust the different companies databases and their cross-referencing not even their own specifications.

(I didn't know Halfords still sold oil filters on the shelves.)

As well as the ones already listed -

. (Unipart) GFE166
. Mann W712
. Bosch 0 451 102 056 (P 2056)
. K&N PS-1002
. K&N HP-1002
. (NOS) Crosland (one s) L10175PS (501 59 0088)

(the Mann and Bosch look as if they might be the same, only 2g difference in weight)

thread is 3/4"-16 unf

Nigel Atkins

thanks very much everyone. This BBS is great, ain't it?
David Cox

In my experience, where there has been a conversion to take a spin on oil filter, the thing to watch for is that the end of the canister you buy doesn't bottom out when screwing into the new fitting.
There is a "work around" when installing such a conversion unit involving grinding down the bolt inside the unit, but that is not necessary if you have the right canister and there are plenty to choose from.
Graham V


I think that applies more to the MGB/MGA filter head, which has the inverted filter and a tube which the filter fits over.

Thatís not the case with the A-series IMO.
Dave O'Neill 2

Another important feature to look for is to make sure the filter has an internal bypass valve built in as some (most) filter conversion housings don't have a bypass built in
If there's not a bypass in the system you run the risk of bearing failure
I've had this problem rise it's head with MGA conversions with the actual filter suplied with a well known conversion kit not having a bypass-----expensive result
William Revit

I use the MiniSpares one MSF166, they're £1.92 each plus VAT of course. At that price even I can afford to change them often.
David Smith

I can't guarantee that any of the filters I've listed or the other filters mentioned have bypass or non-return valves.

Except that the Bosch P2056 on the Bosch website shows as having neither.

Yet the Mann website, suggests to me but you must decide for yourself or ask them, that their filters have both.

This possibly breaks my theory that the Bosch P2056 and Mann W712 filters may be the same with just different labels - but the available information I've found tends generally be as clear as mud.

Only way to be sure is to dissect the filter - before you install it, as it might have changed since last purchased.

Or you could get the manufacturer to confirm. :)

Nigel Atkins

Thanks for your correction. I am sure you are right as my knowledge is indeed based on my experiences with an MGA.
I havent yet fitted a spin-on adapter to my frogeye but really should get round to it, as changing the original filter is a real pain.
Graham V

I'm still waiting for confirmation from Bosch but I got a reply from Mann (Mann+Hummel (UK) Ltd) -
"Hi Nigel,
W712 has neither a return stop valve or by pass valve.
Best regards ..."

So back to square one and the Mann and Bosch filters may be the same but with different labels as neither have the vales, both look the same and weight only 2g difference which could be rounding up and margin of error on my kitchen scales and within manufacturing margins.
Nigel Atkins

If you look down through the centre hole of the filter to the end,-, the bypass valve is easily visible down there in the centre if there's one there- If there's not one there all you'll see is the end of the filter housing.
The anti drain back valves cover the outer holes of the filter from inside,-if the outer holes are open there is no drain back valve
William Revit

Both the HP1002 and PS1002 K&N filters are listed as having both valves with the bypass set at 11-14 lb so either of those should be ok
HP (high performance)filters have a hex on the end
PS (performance silver) are normal filter strap jobs
Apart from that they are same as-

I've been trying to find the number for a BMW filter I used to run which had a 5-7 lb bypass but no luck -still looking

William Revit

Thanks for the info Willy I'm still intermittently looking for more info.

Whilst looking I saw this K&N SS-1002, definitely one for the bling boys -

The video includes the mention of "owner's manual" too :) -

Nigel Atkins

The gentleman from Mann has sent me another email asking if a filter with a 2.5 bar / 250kPa / 36 psi bypass valve would be OK?

36 psi sounds too high to me but I don't know - what does the team think/know?
Nigel Atkins

It's getting up there--that means that if your oil is cold and you stoke it onto it and enough oil can't get through the filter you have to have 36psi up before the valve bypasses oil--this is when the damage occurs specially towards the end of the oilchange period when the filter is getting dirtier and the oil is thicker cold

Having said that, it's better than no bypass at all
William Revit

Nigel- Remembered the BMW filter I used to use was a Fram so went searching and found this on the Fram site--looks like around 8psi is the target

Hope this is of interest to you
William Revit

found him, had an old filter box top nailed on the back of the cupboard door, I remembered it as having around 7lb blow off but it must have been 12 unless they've changed it

Fram---XG3614 - 12lb blow off
William Revit

thanks for that leaflet.

I don't think I'll add the 36psi filter to the list here but the Fram XG3614 needs adding and Fram do a nice looking Ultra Synthetic version but I'm not sure we get that one over here.
Nigel Atkins

I had a reply from Bosch -

Thank you for your email.
Filter P2056 does not have a non-return valve and a bypass valve.
Best regards"

Nigel Atkins

Crosland (one s) L10175PS (501 59 0088) is also without both filters (should you find one NOS).
Nigel Atkins

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