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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Owen Springs

I recently found mention of this company in an old Practical classics magazine and thought it may be of interest:

They are quoted as suppliers to David Manners, Rimmer Bros and Canley Classics so should be able to supply Spridgets oweners with either complete springs or parts such as clips that hold the leaves together.

They are made in Britian using British made steel.

Doug Plumb

Interesting that a British company doesn't list Austin, MG, or Triumph
J Bubela

They have had a stand at the NEC Classic fairly recently
Motley 5

J Bubela,

they do, see under Vintage springs

'from Austins to Wolseleys and everything in between', presume that includes MG & Triumph as well.
Jeremy T2

I wonder if they made the threepenny* bit springs I bought from David Manners a few years back

Utter junk, fortunately Gary gave me a pair of proper parabolic springs for Lara which are still in use

Mind you it was a long time ago and maybe the springs from that dealer are better now

Threepenny bit springs for our not British friends

Instead of a nice parabolic curve on each layer of spring you get an angle instead of a curve so my longest leaf had five corners on it, next one down five too and so on, the next one had four corners instead of the curves

The classic brass threepenny coin (bit) had twelve corners hence my name for the junk
Bill sdgpM

Hi Bill,
I thought threepenny bit was cockney rhyming slang and your springs were not that good...

Dave Brown

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