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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Really daft question - sorry!

Hi all,
I have been offered a MG Midget gearbox ( which will be a nice winter project) ....but I don't want to pick it up in my wife's car as I value my genitals, :-), and I have handed back my road car- so I have my own 1972 midget..
so, my question is , can I get a midget gearbox IN a midget?? floor well , rear shelf or boot?
Cheers all
colin frowen

I easily got one in the frog after taking out the passenger seat squab.
Bob Beaumont

awkward in the floorwell, tail housing on the seat plus will roll around. Back shelf is do-able, and will go in the boot without the spare wheel - and the bootlid will still shut.
David Smith

That's why you need a frogeye :o)
G Lazarus

In boot without spare wheel. Done it many times and as David says, the boot lid will close.

Rob aka MG Moneypit


It's great to be able to remove the seat squab and put it in the boot, I've had various Ford gearboxes in the passenger side of my frogeye and a 180A Pickhill oil cooled welder being the heaviest. The company that sold it to me looked amused when I showed them what I was driving and provided an old bit of strapping to tie it to the roll bar for security, got it home no problems.
David Billington

Ive ran my home painting business out of my 71 midget on several occasions while my truck was in the shop... the 16 foot extension ladder was tough to haul, so id think a small 30pound gear box would be a snap

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Thanks all!
I can get my gearbox & keep my goolies too!
Cheers all
colin frowen


Just take something to protect the seat, cardboard, paper, old carpet, as on a 1972 I don't think they come out as easily as the early cars.
David Billington

<<That's why you need a frogeye :o)>>

- until you try getting it out of the boot. It's in there somewhere!
Graeme W

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