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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear axle movement - video!

I've been wanting to do this for a while. I've put my video camera under the rear axle; here's some results.

It's a bit dark... Video is at half speed (120fps)

Taken some stills from it - it really moves around a huge amount.

The first still is normal ride height

Rob Armstrong

This one is under acceleration

Rob Armstrong

and this one under braking (fairly severe braking)

Rob Armstrong

and a video of the braking
Rob Armstrong

Your fuel line is leaking Rob! :-)
Malcolm Le Chevalier

yep, it's the return back to the tank. Fixed now. An added bonus of the video. The drips are quite mesmerising
Rob Armstrong

Yeah, I was just watching the drip. I will watch the rest now.

Edit: Some cool footage (now I have watched it properly, not just the drip!)
Malcolm Le Chevalier

Interesting video, though, is it the axle that is doing the moving? I would think it the car body shifting relative to the axle/wheel in contact with the road.

Worth keeping in mind if attempting to address the extent of it all. For example, front end suspension changes might contribute.

Special award for Malcolm's sharp eyesight - better than mine I think.


R Taylor

Not sure that there's anything that needs addressing - the springs are very twisty and there's a lot of wind up. But that's to be expected.

Depends entirely on the frame of reference if the axle or the body is moving :)

Interesting to see what's going on back there.
Rob Armstrong

I saw one of a racing Healey 3000 and it was really scary. Moving up and down like crazy.

Do you think if you had your tube dampers in a more vertical orientation it would reduce the movement?
Bernie Higginson

Hi Bernie, for the same damper setting, yes. The angled ones are probably set harder than vertical ones would be for the same damping level. It gets very twitchy with the back too hard.
Rob Armstrong

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