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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Rear wing lower panel replacement.

I noticed that the whole bottom panel on the rear wing of my 1500 midget was actually made of tin foil and filler. I have now scraped all the filler out and am left with a little bit of rust and in need of the repair panel. I can order th new panel and fit no problem. My problem is I have no idea what the are is supposed to look like on a good midget before the rear wing is place on ? Does anyone have any pictures ?
C Carter

Which bit you confused about? Just what it looks like underneath the outer rear wing?

Not much really, just the wheel arch! I will see if I have anything in the photo archive.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Something like this but less rusty! :-)

This is probably similar to what you are staring at already

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Of the 2000+ pictures of my restoration, it appears I only have only one picture of what is under the rear wing. And it's blurry!

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Thanks guys I have something similar. I will upload a pic
C Carter

You can do a search on line & find dozens of pictures from many perspectives:
SK Kowznofski

Its an interesting area, that even on the late 1500 shells, displays relict clues about the evolution of the car. The main floor panel curves inwards behind the rear of the inner wheel arch, just as it did on the original Frogeye with its narrower and curved rear wings. For some reason, this feature lived on for the next 18 years. Instead of producing a new wider floor panel they added a triangular filler piece and small vertical inner wing piece to extend the floor out to (almost) meet the squared off later rear wing shape.

I say almost because the vertical piece extends down behind the outer wing into a narrow cavity, just designed to fill with grot and rust inducing debris, not to mention engulfing spanners and small screwdrivers. Where this inner panel and the outer wing come together there is supposed to be a drainage channel formed through the flange between the two steel panels, but they easily block, and replacement aftermarket patch panels may not include this feature anyway.

I did always wonder if the shoddy boot floor - wing fit was a design feature or just poor after market panels. Seems if it isn't just me, it must be a feature.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Ok this is what I have now. Trying to figure out if I need to replace the rusty mess I see then fit the outer wing repair panel.

C Carter

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