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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Repair Operation Times

I posted this to the MGB board but since it also covers MG Midgets as well I have posted it here in case anyone finds it useful -
Chris at Octarine Services

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David Smith

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Chris at Octarine Services

What does Octarine mean anyway?

8 rines?

Oh... so I look it up.

Octarine (ock-ta-reen) n. {oct, meaning eight}
1. The eigth colour of the visible light spectrum. The colour of magic, visible only by wizards and those with otherwordly insight.

The wizard waved his hands, and spoke a series of arcane phrases, and with an octarine flash the portal to another world was opened. humble in that statement....I don't think my professers from college that worked on the Nasa space project would have called themselves Octarines! lol!

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Octarine - the colour of Magic - a link to the MG Octagon and the "Magic Midgets" from years gone by.

Much magic is required to keep the smoke inside the wiring of an MG as well.
Chris at Octarine Services

thanks - it's fine now
David Smith

Much magic is required to keep the smoke inside the wiring of an MG as well.

Maybe it does take a wizard! LOL!



Very interesting.

I was a bit surprised to see that the time to remove and refit the oil pump on a Midget was given as one hour. I then noticed that the date was May 1979, so it was a 1500 Midget.
Dave O'Neill 2

Maybe it does take a wizard! LOL!

Nah.... just the prince of darkness

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I see the MG workshops used to run on metric time. 1.95 hours, 2.65 hours, 5.80 hours etc. :-)

Happy Friday everyone.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Not metric time - the metric unit of time is the second. This is decimal time ..

With labour rates at so much per hour it makes life easy in the accounts department to just multiply the decimal time by the rate to arrive at the labour cost of a job - also why the times include an allowance for draining fluids, getting specialist tools out of stores etc.

In the good old days we had to multiply s d by hours & minutes - not sure that today's kids could do that ....
Chris at Octarine Services

The Simpsons cartoon was referring to decimal time like the French tried a few centuries ago, see , apparently it wasn't popular and so died an early death. I can see the point in some uses of decimal time as in the service times and my calculator, an HP 11C, has hour minutes seconds to decimal time and back conversion functions.
David Billington

Curiously, my Draper vernier calipers (analogue) are graduated in sixteenths, but the vernier scale is in tenths. Go figure.
Dave O'Neill 2


Can you post an image of that as I just can't imagine it. All the vernier calipers I have ever seen are read in base 10 measurements.
David Billington

In my early days at school I remember the rulers being graduated in either 1/16" or 1/8" on one side and the other side was in tenths, I never thought about this until now, even at 73+ things suddenly dawn upon you.
Regards (a wiser) Don
Don Walker

Decimal time is wholly logical - something the French are rather good at. To be fair, the metric system is broadly a decimal based system, and quite why time has escaped remains something of an mystery, especially when considering its importance in the derivation of other SI units such as power and frequency etc.


Correction - it is sixteenths, but the vernier scale is in eighths, so we're working in 1/128"s. Needless to say, I only use it for rough measurements. I use my Mitutoyo digital calipers for any precision measurements.

Dave O'Neill 2

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