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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Replacing the boot floor


I am getting ready to replace the whole boot floor, does anyone have any tips to make the job easier or things to look out for.

Many thanks

James Paul

You want to weld in bracing to keep the car from shifting

Probably want to plan on the inner sills also
1 Paper

I've done a boot floor on a 1500 for a mate and it was quite easy, he did the prep removing the old one as per my instructions and I welded it back in with a combination of MIG and spot welding, no need for any bracing as only the boot floor was removed, all the chassis rails , wings and other panels remained in place. What was actually welded in was a frogeye floor as Moss Bristol didn't have any 1500 boot floors but the guy thought they were the same and it slotted straight in. The new boot floor had a slight turn up at the front to join the hump over the axle and the old metal was cut off slightly below that so when the new panel was fitted it lapped over the old metal slightly and a continuous MIG weld was run across the entire joint width and worked great.
David Billington

If the floor is gone then the lower edges of the inner arches, the rear strengthening members and the triangular support webs may all be dubious at their lower edges. If so or if there is a chance that you might need to trim off rusted metal there then mark the rear wings a known distance above the floor before you start cutting.

There is a lot of trimming to do Guy!

James Paul

Yes, as l would have expected. Make sure you get some datum marks at various points, maybe 100mm above the present floor level

Good luck James! Just get stuck in with the angle grinder and see what's left at the end of it :-D

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I don't wish to be the prophet of doom but, just when you think you've reached sound metal you might need to cut back another inch or two......

Bodywork arouses all the emotions!
W Bretherton

looking at that picture it just makes me realise just how good my frogeye was for 50 in 1984, the boot floor only required minor repairs along the back edge. The 1500 I did the boot floor on was far better as well with the parts the floor was welded to being in good order so the floor change was easy.
David Billington

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