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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Starter Motor

After a bit of help regarding the position of a pre engaged starter motor.

I am having a loom custom made by Autosparks and he wants to know what length of cable I need for the starter motor.

Basically I need to know how far the normal solenoid is from the original motor so he can make an adjustment in the loom.

Any help will be gratefully received.
Martyn Wilks

Im not sure what the defination of a pre engauged stater is

are we talking factory orginal lucas or the aftermarket high torque izue starter

as to wire err cable from the selinoid to the starter?

... those you dont make... there just battry cables you get from any auto parts store .... i guess you can make them... but why? The cost would be at the best even steven and most likely double the cost at half the quality... surely he is not making all the battry cables for the starting and charging system is he ?....,if so WOW who does that.

does he mean the red and white signal wire from the ignition switch to the selinoid.

to answer your question id guess around 2 to 3 feet long should get you there...

if the starter is an after market high torque and he is making the jumper wire to cancel out the staters built in selinoid... then the cable is only 6 to 9 inches long and i want to say 18 to 20 Standad gauge wire ...make sure you soilder the connections on and not crimp them on



With a pre-engaged starter, the solenoid is on the starter, so more cables from the main harness need to go down there.


Sorry, I can't help...don't have any Spridgets at the moment.
Dave O'Neill 2

Dave... thank you

i was thinking that to be the case

yes i have that type of starter... about 6 to 9 inchs you want a female spade on one end and one of those fork connetors onnthe other end

id say 9 inches as it basically folds in half and you will have plenty of cable left if you need to replace a bad connections



Is this an A-series engined car or a 1500?
SR Smith 1

Thanks Prop, its a A series car
Martyn Wilks

You will like the starter ... i got mine from british starters dot com

they are a little tough getting installed but its worth the effort


Martyn, it depends on which precise model variation (and therefore which loom) you are starting with.
Cars with the early heater (separate heater box and blower motor) had the solenoid mounted on a little bracket on the RH side of the central heater tray. With the introduction of the integrated heater the solenoid was moved up onto the sloping footwell panel, above the coil bracket and alongside the pedal box (see pic). Not far but enough to make a difference.
The length of extended wires will also depend on the layout of your starter motor - is the solenoid on top or on the side?

David Smith

Well the loom is based on a 1968 car but I have not yet bought a starter i will use one of the high torque types.

I can reduce the loom size if need be but I just need to give Autosparks somewhere to start from.
Martyn Wilks

OK I reckon extend the solenoid wires by about 20cm.
David Smith

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