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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Water Pump Gasket

Do we use sealant on the water pump gasket?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

I always have. Others may differ.

If it's a new water pump, apparently you need to run the engine dry for a few moments to seat the seal on the shaft otherwise it may leak. Not too long mind you, so best to find out what is acceptable.

Clare Ravenwood

I used a sealant and ran the engine dry for 30 seconds.

No leaks.
GN Rowles

no sealant but just a little grease on one surface to hold it in place
David Smith

I always use sealant but im not aware of running them dry briefly at start up...opps

Luckly no issues ive ever had

1 Paper

Hey clair

A question was accedintly postwd to another thread ... butcan you put the water pump into a drill and spinit that way before you install the pump or does it need the side loading to set the seal

1 Paper

I've typically used blue Hylomar on the gasket and have never heard of running the engine dry initially, I've always just filled it up with coolant and run as normal, never experienced any coolant leaks.
David Billington

Prop, I have not used a power drill to seat a new water pump seal. May as well install it and let the engine do the work. Saves 30 seconds minimum. (lol)

Clare Ravenwood

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