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MG MG Y Type - A Sunday trip in my MG YB

I put a copy of a video of a trip today down a minor road from Moel Famau in North wales and along part of the A494 in my YB on 'youtube'....hope you enjoy it as much as I did driving it!

Hi Dave,

Any brake fade on the way down? Or did you supplement the braking system with 'chucking out an anchor'?

Rob King

No the brakes were fine though not like modern servo disc brakes so I had to keep it in low gear...just wondering if there is a disc conversion for the front of the TD/YB?

Hi Dave,
Enjoyed your vid.
However, my first thought was same regarding brake efficiency over such a long distance downhill and I was relieved you came upon little traffic coming up!

If you look at Y Register site you will find an article by Neil Cairns regarding fitting disc brakes to YB.

Not too difficult but take care it becomes more complicated to get it right.
You apparently have to fit 14" wheels and tyres, then you would need to change back axle for different ratios etc. Not for a limited budget or faint heart.

However, stopping power would be much better one suspects.

I am the proud owner of a running YA named "Joy" (1951) and also a 1948 YA whose body is beyond reasonable restoration but may provide a chassis for either a kit car or YA restoration. It is complete with original registration and numbers so who knows.
I had hoped to possibly restore it as it was first registered on the day of my birth! But alas, not to be.

Regards and happy motoring.
RA Barham-Hall

Hello Dave.

Great bit of filming very enjoyable, tell me how did you fix the camcorder to keep it steady when recording?
Well done.

M J Hardy

So long as like you David the car is driven in the manner that all drivers in those days did then there is no problem with brakes. I often in the past drove my YA over the Alps descending some major col or pass where there may be than 60 or more hairpin bends, and never experienced brake fade even with a caravan, although that looked after itself. The method I used was to commence the hill slowly to get a feel of the incline and to select a suitable gear, if the brakes are used to assist the engine then they will remain cool, and steeper the hill then slower the speed. One of coarse must be sure not to over rev the engine, and have confidence in the gearbox.

B Mellem

The camera is a small one...about 3 by 1 inch bought new on ebay for under comes with various brackets...I made up a bracket to mount it on the screen rail....will post a photo and camera details hopefully tomorrow.

I should add that I later discovered if you look at the opening part of my descent you can see skid marks on the road...apparently two days earlier a guy in a Rover 25 was killed when his car went down a 50 foot embankment. moel famau death in car in Liverpool Daily Post newspaper report.

Hello Dave
Look forward to the photo, we saw the skid marks and read about the accident
All the best
M J Hardy

The camera I used can be found at the above ebay link. ..there are quite a range available on ebay at very low prices that could be adapted to fit on a Y dash rail etc


See photos


Another photo.

re oncoming cars when descending ....I would add that it would have been impossible to reverse up the slope of the hill (not enough power) and I would have ensured the oncoming car pulled into a passing place!


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