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MG MG Y Type - Air Filter

Perhaps you guys can help me out. NTG are marketing replacement air filters using a K and N filter. They aren't cheap and though mentioned in the Bulletin as a replacement for TD and all Y's I note that on their website it is described as fitting a TD with no mention of the Y type.

My question is the possibilty of fitting a K and N filter inside the eexisting oil bath. Is this feasible and if so what size of K and N filter should be fitted.

With a bit of luck the Y's rebuilt engine may be started tomorrow. My good friend Brian Rainbow is aiming to prime the oil pump and if that is okay to see initially if we get any oil pressure by just turning the engine over and if that looks good going for the start up. I owe a lot to Brian and his coping with the problems that I have a habit of creating! Thanks Brian!



Hi Jerry

In your case you are referring to the air filter in a YT right, not a Y/YB?

Personally, unless you are experiencing problems with the set up, I would be disinclined to make any changes at all assuming you have all the parts for the original equipment - it was perfectly adequate in the day and I do not know of any reason why it would be appropriate to consider a change at this time either.

Just my 2 cents worth, but I would save the money and buy Jo a bunch of flowers instead if I were you!!


Paul Barrow

I would go even further then Paul by saying that a properly filled oilbath filter is superior to other systems.

Really serious building equipment almost always has some form of centrifugal/oilbath filter.

They are of course messy and labour intensive to clean, so that's why a paper element is more convenient and cheaper to service and thus more common.

The NTG replica filter is a (very) acceptible alternative, but only if the original oilbath filter is missing?
Willem van der Veer

Thanks for your comment Willem.I have acquired an NTG filter. I have had to adapt the existing mounting stud by cutting and sleeving from the filter to ence cylinder head fits okay.
My experience of K and N filters, which were fitted to a TA I owned,was pleasing. So I am hopeful that the experience on the YT will be the same!

I have found the current oil bath filter is little more than a silencer! Though that is the view of an enthusiastic driver rather than an experienced engineer such as yourself Willem!

Anyhow I'll report back on my how it all goes,in due coutse.

I will of course retain the original set up!

All the best!

Apologies for the poor grammar and typos! At a family event in Suffolk and was typing this on my phone and half listening to latest news from Jo's noctagenerion parents (a remarkanle couple)!

So hope you got the drift of my earlier posting!


Whoa! I'm NOT an experienced engineer at all.

The best description would be an armchair (or keyboard?) expert that gets his hands dirty, with varying results.

The link below show a nice description of the oil bath filter.

Willem van der Veer

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