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MG MG Y Type - Bonnet corner rubbers for YT

Hi all, thanks to everyone who has responded to my earlier enquiries. Can anyone supply/ suggest a source for correct bonnet corner rubbers for my YT?
All the local ones seem to be very large, and with a 90degree corner, unlike the Y component.

On another tack, just had a wonderful full stainless exhaust system made to original style, but 1 and 3/4" inside diameter, uses all original mounts and sounds GREAT! Cost in Australian dollars was $490 fitted, this is about 160 pounds. Terrific value in my opinion.

Bye all
Geoff Meller, YT3477
Geoff Meller

Geoff: In 1999 NTG had the Y corner rubbers, but the head on the split rivets that they send with them is too small. You also might try (if you havn't already) Paul Smith at MG Sortsparts in Normanhurst. I got a bunch of OZ made rubber for my TC from him and I think he told me that he had some unique rubber pieces for the YT. Terry
Terry O'Brien


Let us know what you find. Others of us have the same problem!


49 YT
Lawrence Hallanger

That should be Bruce Smith. Terry
Terry O'Brien

Unfortunately Sportsparts (02 9875 1144 email cannot supply this part, although Bruce supplied me with nearly all the rubbers for the car including step tread strips, windscreen post pads and running board to front wing rubber strips, dumb iron and headlamp bar rubbers etc. Very cheap when compared to prices outside Australia. I'll check the NTG thing, thanks.
Geoff Meller

I used the square ones from the TD, cut them and re-glued them to siut the sharper 'Y' bonnet corner. It looks OK and has now lasted 8 years. I got them from NTG.

Neil Cairns

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