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MG MG Y Type - Boot lid issues

Hey all, the boot lid on the YT was "warped" sometime i the past. I am thinking that the hinges "froze" from lack of lubrication and someone forces the lid opem. Now it does not sit flush to the body. If I fit the right top the left bottom stands proud. If I push the left bottom in the right top stands proud. Any ideas for "un-warping"? Short of that, does anyone know of a boot lid for sale? Thanks as always, Tom
Thomas McNamara

Hi Tom

Good luck finding a spare boot lid. Because they rot out with tin-worm you do not come across them very often. I would give up on it and stick with what you have there, although I do find given the construction that it is hard to imagine the forces that could have been excerted to warp it as you describe, it being a double skin affair. It is more likely actually that it is just a typically poor fit as the cars were not built to fine tolerances as they are today.

As I always they fit where they touch!

Paul Barrow

Open the boot. support the left top edge on something well padded and apply a downward force on the right top side, maybe gently sitting on it?

I have had to "unwarp" new MGB doors in the past using a scissor jack against the trans tunnel to push out the bottom rear corner - as long as you are gentle then even double skin panels will shift.

They do spring back, so you need to push them a little further out so they spring back to the desired shape.
Chris at Octarine Services

Thanks Chris - good advice.
Paul R Barrow

I assume you positioned the boot lid on its inner side on 2 wooden level battens and measured the twist of the outer flange. It may be possible to then lay the batten diagonally and load up opposing sides. It seems that it was not unusual in manufacture to bend doors to fit. Best of luck Bryan
B Mellem

I would advise against trying to correct the boot lid in place. The original hinges are not particularly strong and are easily broken & expensive to replace.

Remove it from the car to correct any fitting issues.

Good Luck

I would agree with Tony. When I fitted a new boot skin. The boot lid kicked out at the top and opposite bottom. So with the use of battons and a belt. I managed to get a perfect fit.
C P Callaghan

Thanks Tony for your correction I did assume the boot lid removed from the car, I must be more precise before putting my oar in, those hinges will just shatter if loaded. I have however seen car doors on the production line in the 1960's factory bent to fit the car with a long wooden lever. They did know what they were doing! Bryan
B Mellem

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