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MG MG Y Type - Buchanan MG Y Australian Race Car

If only I had the $$$$$, storage area and a willing spouse.

Not sure how long it has been listed.

Do we know the chassis number?

Thank you Paul for posting on the IMGYTR website.


Stuart Duncan

Should have mentioned that from postcode it appears to be in the Albury area of NSW.
Stuart Duncan

Some extreme lightening of that chassis!
Marc Hanson

See also

Paul Barrow

There's 2 of them down here--
#1-Blue- the Springer car which has raced here for decades and is currently undergoing a big rebuild-- it's on an MG frame- TC I think
#2 -Black/gold-arrived here last year and is on a T or Y frame and currently running 1500Midget engine and has a factory hardtop--It ran at the recent National meeting at Easter here
William Revit

Here you go this is the black one-----
William Revit

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