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MG MG Y Type - Dash board lights

I would like to improve the brightness of the dash board lights. I do remember seeing a passing comment on a post but I cant find any advise.At present I virtually have no lights.

Looking forward to so me help


The first thing to do is check the bulbs are clean..having done that as I prefer the old fashioned type of lighting (yellowish)I would replace wityh new bulbs of the same type. If a much brighter bulb is wanted fit a higher wattage 12 v bulb that fits presumably..probably stock them at Halfords or try on line.

If you can't find anything localy the MGCC Y Register shop sell a brighter bulb 50p each

P W Vielvoye

Hi RoystonAlthough I have never driven my car at night, I think mty dash lights are OK. I seem to recall buying new globes from the MGCC shop, but I can't remeber if I repleced all my old ones or not. I live in Donvale - where abouts in Victoria are you? We might be able to get together sometime to swap notes - there's not a lot of Victorian Y Type owners!
N Wakeman

Actually Neil, there are probably not many Y-Type owners in Australia! - any idea how many?? John.
J.P. Hall

241 live cars, that is cars with known owners, second only to England check out the Regisrar's report
P W Vielvoye


The numbers on extensive research of IMGYTR suggest there was 904 YT's built and less YA's as prev. thought.
See news published in June on IMGYTR.

When are the figures going to be updated on the main MGCC Register info page?

Also when will a sanitised list of current vehicle locations as known going to be published in data base similar to the IMGYTR data base. This should be made available to members as members have helped compile this info by submission of this info. Be good to get back out what has been put in, or is it one way traffic flow, or perhaps the info could be shared with the IMGYTR and rather than duplicate, why not keep one database which is kindly and freely available to benefit of all. This is good tool when researching history of car, it got me out of buying a cut and shut so can't knock it's useful use as tool for prospective buyer.
R E Knight

Still the same number of YAs in Aus.
Any one who needs info on a car is very welcome to email our registrar Jack Murray, member or not.
We publish the updated Registrars Report every year at our AGM.
P W Vielvoye

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