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MG MG Y Type - Dash Panel - YT

I have been researching the correct layout for the YT instrument panel and must admit that all I seem to have done is to confuse myself . I have unearthed the following conflicting alternatives :

1.Description page 163 of David Lawerence's book indicates from left to right on panel - ignition & lighting switch , fuel gauge , oil pressure and ammeter .

2.Photograph same reference same page (as far as I can tell ) indicates fuel gauge , oil pressure , ammeter and ignition / lighting .

3.Photograph page 38 of John Lawson's book shows the dash layout of YT 3779 which I restored approx.
16 or 17 years ago . This appears to agree with the photo in David Lawerence's book .

4. The layout of the dash in the car I am restoring (YT 4265) which may have not been original was left to right - ignition switch , ammeter , oil pressure and fuel .
Can anyone advise what is the correct configuration ?
Also views on the correct location of hand controls and warnig lights would be appreciated .
Tanks to David Pelham for his advice on my previous querry on dash lettering .
Regards to all
David Ardill

Hello David,

Without actually looking (as I'm at work at the moment), your current car sounds similar to the layout in my car(YT4320). The only difference might be the oil pressure and ammeter gauges might/might not be around the other way. I will have to check when I get home. This is something I have also wondered, but the ammeter in mine has been replaced at some time with a TD unit, so it could have been changed around.
Just to confuse you even furher, the Tourer supplement in the Maintenance Manual is also mixed up with what appears to be a mix of LHD & RHD cars.
I know that that ignition warning light is dierctly below the ignition key because my key fob hang down over it. I'm not sure which hand controls you may also be referring.
Bob Simpson
Bob Simpson

Hi David

I am currently rebuilding YT3477 near Grafton NSW.
I have the dashboard complete on my lap. According to my neighbour, who bought the car in 1951, the guages have not been out of the dash. Having said that, the choke knob is ivory in colour, and so out of kilter wth the other control knobs
They read from left to right Fuel, Oil Pressure, Amps, and ignition/lighting switch.
Below, the fitments again from left to right are as follows - Ignition lamp, Choke control, Dash Lamps, Starter control and lastly Fog Lamp switch.
Certainly there is no evidence of any lettering any where on either the switches or the panel itself.
Hope that this info is useful.
Geoff Meller YT3477
Geoff Meller

Bob ,
Thanks for your assistance - it seems to confirm my alternatives 2 & 3 -
see also Geoff Mellers response
The hand controls I referred to were the choke and starter
David Ardill
David Ardill

I have had my car for 46 years and the dash layout is per the picture on page 163 and always was. The car is a LHD EXU and its layout accords with Davids description. Terry
Terry O'Brien

Hi everyone,
I've had a look through my piles of photos of cars in OZ - all RHD, and the YT supplements in the Manual and Owner's Handbook. Discounting a few cars where serious changes have been made to the dashboards, there seems to be some conclusions that can be drawn.
1. Tacho always in front of driver.
2. Bottom line in the brass centre panel is consistently, from L to R, ign warn lamp, starter, panel light switch, choke, fog switch. This appears same for LHD and RHD.
3. For RHD cars, top line in the brass centre panel, from L to R, is ignition, oil, ammeter and fuel.
For LHD cars I think they just reversed the two end ones ie the ign switch went to the R and the fuel went to the left. This make much sense as the driver didn't have to put a hand through the steering wheel to turn on the ignition.
Why then do some cars appear with ign switches nearest to the steering wheel. I think because at the time of restoration they forgot what to do, so followed the manual. What else would you do before the internet came along!
Hope this is helpful. Will contact other "original" cars and check them out. Steve
Steve Brompton

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