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MG MG Y Type - D- lamp bulb holders

A while back I treated myself (and the YB) to a new pair of remanufactured D-lamps. I now find that as you only get what you pay for (in my case not much really) the double filament bulb holders inside the lamps are not up to the task and I could do with putting in decent new ones - anyone know if you can buy decent double filament bulb holders and fit them in existing D lamps.The D lamps themselves seem quite nice - shame about the insides - probably made in China or somewhere.
Daviod Mullen

Ooop slip of the key... my first name is David not Daviod!!!
David Mullen

Daviod, or David if you prefer (:-))

Your best bet is to convert them over to festoon bulb type fittings and then fit LED lights.

Paul Barrow

Or better yet, buy a set of LED inserts from Terry Sanders in California. They are custom-built for D-Lamps and are extremely bright. The LED unit completely replaces the bulb assembly inside the D-Lamps and comes in positive or negative ground.

See the ad most of the way down this page for details:
Steve Simmons

Thanks for the advice - I mangaed to get some double filament bulb holders from Vintage Supplies but the LED insert looks really neat and seems the best long term solution when finances permit.
David Mullen

I can attest that the LED inserts are extremely bright. I installed them in my TC and will do so in the YB eventually. The LED tail light is twice as bright as the D-Lamp brake light. And the LED brake light is triple that brightness. Money well spent IMHO.
Steve Simmons

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