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MG MG Y Type - Found a good home for my Y.....

Just to shake up the board, I'd like to share with you that I finally finished moving house and yesterday evening, for the first time in my three years' ownership, I was able to walk around the Y indoors; my garage-facility grew from 3x4,25m to 4,75x7,25m. Pure bliss!

(Alas, due to the higher mortage my activities will probably be limited to walking around the car....LOL)
Willem van der Veer

Well done!
If there is room to walk around, then there is room for something else, hummmm?

Paul Gaynor took the words right out of my mouth too!

Paul Barrow

Don't worry: my '73 MGB Tourer is in long storage somewhere else, in anticipation of it's emotional homecoming.....

On my wanted list is however a classic english motorbike....
Willem van der Veer

Willem, Best wishes for you and your family in your new home.
If you had stuck to MG stamps you would not have needed the extra space.
Not that I am jealous, of course.
j m nicholson

These days, one would think the higer price of fuel would be more likely to limit one's activities to walking :-)
David Robley

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