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MG MG Y Type - Girling Lever Shock

One of my rear shock damper is leaking. Does someone sell a seal replacement kit?

I once had a 1936 Ford equiped with Houdaille shock absorbers. Of course, one of them had a leak. I never did find a seal replacement kit. However, professional shock absorber rebuild companies would GLADLY offer me to restore my shock for $150. But all I really needed was a 50 O-Ring!!! So, after much toil, I finally found something which approximately did the job for... 50!

Now, I have the suspicion that I'll get the same run-around with my Girling shock. Am I paranoid or just tired?

Did anybody find an alternative solution to stop such a leak without being taken to the cleaner's?

Thank you & best regards.
Gilles Bachand

Gilles Bachand

Contact Peter at World Wide Auto Parts. He may have something that will work. He's a lever shock expert.
Steve Simmons

Stevson Motors in Birmingham UK restored my shock absorbers at a cost, however did a good job and the premises are located in an old shed style building. I recommend them as unlike large companies they offer the personal touch
Richard Knight

Peter at World Wide refurbished my shocks but he had problems with the rears. They are smaller than the TC/TD versions. When done he said that he would never do them again but that was a few years ago and he may have changed his mind.

After having them done I then found that Graham Brown at Vintage & Classic Shocks has the rear shocks brand new. You would have to change the linkage from the old to new. His contact is on the site under Links. Terry
Terry O'Brien

Peter must have changed his mind regarding the rear shocks, he has done mine a couple of years ago. one started leaking again and it was redone at no charge. Bothe have been working fine since. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I have dropped Peter a note so hopefully we can get an answer on this. It will be good to have a good vendor on our side (USA) of the pond.

Paul Barrow

Peter has replied as follows:
"We rebuild thousands of lever shocks a year. The bulk of them are Armstrong for later MGs, Healeys, and Triumphs. We also do quite a few of the later Girlings for TDs as well as quite a few of the Luvax, and Luvax/Girlings for TCs and others. The Y-type are a smaller bodied shock than the Luvax/Girling style, hence our tooling dilemma. It is certainly within our ability to rebuild the Y-type Girling shocks. Terry's were a learning experience. I would like the opportunity to do another set, but prefer to not quote an exact price until we have them in hand. The other shocks we do have a price set because we know exactly the time and materials cost. We try to incorporate modern-day radial lip seals in our shock rebuilding process. Often this means we have to machine the seal bores to get them concentric with the shaft. We also try to sleeve the shaft with stainless. Now, for our larger volume shocks, we make the sleeves.
For small volume one, we have to buy sleeves at nearly $30 each. For the larger Girlings, we make the pieces that hold the 2 opposing pistons together, and we make the valve springs at the end of each piston. If these are required in the Y-type, we will incur some short run expenses.
"That being said, we welcome the business, with the caveat, that time and money may be more than expected. But, I think the end product will exceed the user's expectations.
"Please tell your forum that I will gladly speak with them about their shocks. I can be reached at or in North America toll free at (800) 362-1025 on the web at for further contact information."

So, bottom line Gilles - give Peter a call, I am sure he will try to assist you. Let us know how it works out for you.

Paul Barrow

You can't ask for a more honest answer than that.
Steve Simmons

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