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MG MG Y Type - Headlamp Reinforcing Plates


Over the years I have seen various bits and pieces which suggest that there were metal plates which were fitted to the underside of the front wings on the headlamp mounting bracket studs. Same shape as the rubber pad fitted under the bracket...

Anyone got these?


Rob King

Yes there were reinforcing plates - I have used large washers at the moment..I have one original plate I could send you to copy.

I had some made up for me to the proper patterns through David Pelham and the East Grinstead Small Works Team. Contact David (via the Contact Us page at for more details.

Paul Barrow

Hi Rob,
When I embarked on the,now abandoned, project to supply re-manufactured head lamp brackets, I also commissioned a batch of the rubber pads and a small quantity of the re-inforceing plates for under the wing. The latter items were originally in mild steel and rusted out over the years. Mine are in stainless steel.
I have spoken with David Pelham and he has none in stock.

If this is any help, email me for price +p+p.

Keith D Herkes

Job done...thanks all.

Rob King

Glad to have helped.
If anybody else needs these plates or pads I have some "on the shelf". Plates 6 per pair and Pads 13.oo per pair. Plus p+p.
HappY Christmas
Keith D Herkes

Hi Keith,

I could do with a pair of pads, I will e mail you.

Cheers Chris Pick
C A Pick

For those who have ordered and paid for pads and or plates, they are either already delivered or in the tender care of Father Christmas delivery service.
Thanks to you all and a Happy Christmas.
Keith D Herkes

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