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MG MG Y Type - Help Needed... Again

Hi Gents,

I need help in relation to some chassis details please....

I have had complete new sills fabricated and fitted, however, I no longer have the exit hole for the sliding roof drainage pipe...can anyone give me dimensions please, I know its somewhere at the bottom of the A post but I'd like to be a bit more accurate than that.

Is this just a plain hole cut through the sill or is there a metal tube attached similar to the top end?

Rear wing stiffener (YA) can someone provide me with a dimension of where the bracket for the stiffener is welded to the wing edge flange (perhaps from the tail end point). Also which wing bolt is the other end attached to?

In relation to the supports (rails) for the transmission tunnel / handbrake fixing point...are these supposed to be a matching pair albeit left and right? mine seem to be very home made and differ from each other, they are even made from different section angle.

Does anyone have a spare pair of these rails.

I guess I'd better get some beer in!



Rob King

I have a spare pair of these rails I think - some of the studs are rusty but they are original and were taken off a YB (0615) broken (not by me) about 28 years ago..they are handed (mirror image) ...just waiting for a new owner...and should be able to supply a photo of the drain tube hole in the sill too. Contact me by e mail.

Hi Rob

Glad you dont need much Rob :-)!!

OK, front drain pipe.
Hole diameter will depend on what pipe you are running down from the forward sunroof channels at the point of exit. I would certainly recommend that you replace the originals with modern plastic tubing as the old rubber will have perished. Make sure too that you do this all the way up to the sunroof and you look too at replacing the rear drain tubes too. Failure to do this is a false economy as you will get either / water back up and leaks that will rot out your new metal/rear of the car. Have at least an inch and a half below the exit point so that drips do not run back up onto or into the body/sills. Also, seal the holes around the tubes with silicon seal so you dont get water ingress into your holes too.
Front hole position - there isnt really a dimensional position you need to worry about here in your new sills, just basically ensure that it is about in the middle of the width and the tube has a straight vertical shot at exiting to avoid blockages.
It is a plain old drilled out hole you need, nothing fancy.

Rear wing bracket steady bar - I will take some photos and post back on this for you rather than go into that at this time.

Again with the rails, yes - left and right handed. Best way forward is find some on an old chassis that someone is prepared to part out. I had this issue too on one of my YTs and that is how I solved it. The reason I suggest this route to you is that they also have the sleeves in them for the rear hand brake cables which are correctly positioned and angled. I would say put a note on the Classified Advertisements under WANTED and also keep an eye on the FOR SALE side and even ask anyone who posts a chassis or major amount of parts for sale if they have them. They may have them and not have given a second thought to the fact that any one would ever want, never mind need, them as a seperate item.

So, more later for you on the rear wing, but otherwise, time to open another beer.

Paul Barrow


Here are some photos.

The first shows where this connects to the body. Use the second from last (front to rear) wing nut.

You will see that the original has a strengthening fold in it down the inside of the middle. This is not essential if you make it out of slightly thicker steel.


Paul Barrow

Another shot of the body attachment point

Paul Barrow

And now for the wing end.

The steady bar is held onto the wing by a small 3 sided piece of metal that is welded to the wing just behind the lip (if your rear wings have this excellent rust trap still). The side away from the wing has a hole in it through which a nut and bolt pass through to secure it in place.

Paul Barrow

And finally from a slightly different angle.

If you need any more assistance just ask ... or come over and visit and I'll show you it in person :-)


Paul Barrow

The front wings had a similar arrangement at the rear of the front wings ... but mine did not survive and I could not be bothered making some up.

Paul Barrow

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