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MG MG Y Type - Identification tag

I found this tag amongst the boxes of bits with my YA
My question is what is it
It's not the same No' as the chassis so what is it and where does it go thanks willy

William Revit

It fits against the bulkhead and has the bodynumber. On the picture you can (just) see it above the battery box.

Willem van der Veer

Yes it is the 125 MG tag and goes above the Nuffield Metal Products Plate on the left of the firewall as shown in Willem's picture William.

Paul Barrow

Hi William,

Photo of tag attached, this was the position on a UK car...both of these plates were fitted prior to paint so were body colour.


Rob King

OK Thanks
Now my problem is this no' is different to the chassis no So I take it that the number on this plate is purely a body no. and I take more notice of the chassis no. which I used for the MGY Register
Would that be how it is gents--------
William Revit

Yes . This number is usually the same as the first digits on the Nuffield Metal Products plate and is a NUFFIELD tag as opposed to an MG Assembly Plant one.

Paul Barrow

Cheers Paul
William Revit

Have you put your car in Y's on Parade, I would love to see a photo ?.

Oz Rep
International Y-Type Register

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