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I am puzzling on how to set the 7 deg advance advised these days, its impossible to fit a timing disc in the murky depths so I came up with this idea.

The diameter of the engine pulley is 3.75" or 3750 tho times Pi gives a circumference of 11782.5 tho divided by 360 deg gives 32.7 tho/deg

So measure back from the TDC pulley mark 32.7 by 7 gives me about 230 tho or just over 7/32" or just under 6 mm give or take bob weight chatter.

Any comments before I blow a hole in the piston crowns?

B Mellem

Bryan, I set my TF and TC by eye, about 1/4 inch before TDC is close enough for me. That's the static timing, I then check with a strobe.
Don TF 4887 "Figaro' TC 1736 "Sibelius'
Don Walker

After having my distributor re-graphed for modern fuel, the recommendation was 10 deg BTDC static.

My calcs were 16.5mm on the pulley rim for 10 degrees.



DON = I think my YA represents the work of 'Albert Schnittka'

B Mellem

You've got me on that one Bryan.....hang you mean Albert SchnittkE??

Actually I've never heard of him, maybe find a better composer for your YA.

Then again he might be your favourite!

Regards, Don TF 4887 "Figaro' TC 1736 "Sibelius'
Don Walker

You are right my error DON I'm particularly taken by his work 'Tango in a Madhouse' I sometimes hum it to myself while working on the YA. Bryan
B Mellem

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