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MG MG Y Type - It's been a blast, but........

I have owned Y4895 for 6 years and have enjoyed every minute. However, for various practical reasons, most of which I will live to regret, it is time to move on. If only I had the money and room to keep both. I will pass on the details of the register and hopefully the new owner will keep you up to date.
I would like to thank everyone involved in the running of the register and all contributors for the help and information over the years. How many marques can ask a question and within a short space of time get replies from USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe with solutions for any problem.
At least with the Y Relay I got to meet a few fellow Y owners and was part of celebration.
Anyway, fond memories and cheerio,

Farewell, John

J Foster

We are sorry to lose you John, and we will miss your membership of the Y-Type Brotherhood.

Best Wishes for the future,



Concur with Tony's comments.

Best wishes for the future and thanks for your comments on the BBS during your ownership too.

R E Knight

Richard, you're welcome. The odd person that complains about data protection etc should be grateful that they have an asset such as this dedicated to keeping these lovely old ladies on the road,

J Foster

Thanks John for your long ownership and faithful support of this project. I will miss you and I am sure others will too and you will miss your Y. However, whatever people's wishes are when they sell their Y, I wish you all the best for your future and will be happy to welcome you back if you regret it so much that you go and buy another!

Best wishes

Paul Barrow

Sorry to hear you are calling it a day. Thanks for taking on the Gainsborough to York leg of the relay and glad to hear you were able to meet up with other Y owners. One of the great successes of the event was that so many Y owners made contact with each other that otherwise wouldn't have. All the best and hope your YB finds a good home.
Peter Vielvoye

Thanks for all your comments and good wishes, I know that I am going to miss the old girl. I'm sure I will keep on eye on all your threads, and you will probably keep seeing the odd comment from me sticking my opinion in now and again. Thanks for your comments Peter about the relay, it was good fun, even with the wind and rain all the way round,
J Foster

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