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MG MG Y Type - Jackall Pump

Am in the process of revitalzing my Jackall system. Everything now works but I have a leak from the pump. The leak is from a hairline crack just above where the pipe from the resevoir screws in to the pump. Just old age and fatigue I guess.
The leak is not significant but will not get better. The pump metal seems to be some kind of pot metal alloy. The piece where the leak is can be detached from the pump body but have not done that yet. Has anyone had this problem? Can this type of metal be soldered or braised? What about something like JB Weld? Does anyone have a thrashed pump with this piece in good condition? Thanks Terry
Terry O'Brien

Unless you get an offer closer to home, I have some spare pumps and parts for sale. Send me a photo of the part you need:-

Tony Slattery

It is MAZAK, a cheap easily cast alloy of lots of rubbish-low melt point- soft zinc stuff. They also used it to make Dinky toys, toy guns,etc, and most of the chromed trim on 1950-1970 UK cars. You cannot repair it. Its melting point is well below that of brass so you cannot even braze it.

Neil Cairns

A quick stocktake today has un-earthed seven Jackall Pumps - and I have one YA on the road and another under restoration - that makes five spare pumps. Too many !
Tony Slattery

When I was younger, this material was known as crappozinc, which just about sums it up.
Would epoxy resin repair it?
j m nicholson

I have a "welder" here who was able to repair a boot (trunk) hinge for me without destroying it!

If someone gets really stuck for fixing this stuff they can post it to me and I will have him look at it. I will only charge what he charges me (usually pretty cheap!!) and return post.

It can be done - but it takes great care! I dont know how he does it, but the hinge was great.

Paul Barrow

There is a Jackall on eBay ( opening at 20.00 if anyone is interested. Seller lives in Isle of Wight UK, and is not related to me in any way.

Paul Barrow

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