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MG MG Y Type - LED bulbs food for thought !!

Just been reading in May 2016 issue of Car Mechanics this item which will be of interest to some y owners
LED bulbs It would appear that using LED replacement bulbs (other than inside the car) according to the DVLA is illegal!! on roadgoing cars.
JC Jebb

I won't be rushing out to buy copy, but would be interested to hear more on why? If you could provide more detail? Shopping this week must remember to take browse in Car Mechanics Mag LOL.
R E Knight

Got permission to put this on from Car Mechanics.Its a 3page article but will only put on about LEDs.
LED bulbs,
With promises of brighter light and longer bulb life,it isn't hard to see the appeal of LED bulbs.However, fitting an led bulb into a side-lamp unit that originally housed a filament bulb is also illegal (at the time of writing)for a roadgoing car.While it has been argued that fitting an LED bulb into a side-light or numberplate housing is unlikely to be as detrimental to road safety as a similar modification made to a headlight, thebulb is still incompatible with the lamps optics, making it illegal to sell, fit and use on the road.As with HID conversin kit,the bulb's hybrid construction , consisting of a halogen base and LED bulb top,means that it cannot gain the mandatory Type Approval that it reguires for legal on-road use.As i said this is only part of the article if you want the whole thing send me your email address and i will forward the whole thing in PDF form curtsy of CM.i did get in touch with Classic Dynamo and was told the regs on LEDs was for post 86 cars.i am now getting info fron the DTS the results of which i will let you know
JC Jebb

Thank you John for the extract.

Readers will note that this statement only applies to the UK and is a UK based ruling. It does not apply to the rest of the world.

Paul Barrow

Sounds like a technical (rather than safety) infringement to me - can't see the law having the time or inclination to pursue such matters so I am not worried. I like my LEDs - absolutely brilliant at being seen. Their projection is not, however, that good. With hindsight I would use halogen headlight bulbs but LED rear, side and stop lights.
Marc Hanson

Just a follow up on this posting,i was not saying the ministry will be knocking us off for LED bulbs but more the implications on your insurance should you have an accident, the following is the email i recieved from the transport ministry
Dear Mr Jebb

Thank you for taking the time to write to the Department for Transport in relation to the use of LED light sources. Your correspondence has been passed to us in International Vehicle Standards (IVS) as we have responsibility for vehicle safety.

The Department does not recommend the use of aftermarket LED replacement light sources to vehicles with lamps that were designed to accept filament bulbs and it is contrary to the requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations (RVLR) 1989 as amended. The correct operation of vehicle lights is dependent on using the correct light source as the design of the reflector is based on the precise location of the light source. The fitment of unapproved aftermarket LED light sources is likely to alter the light output and distribution from an approved lamp and may as a result contravene the requirement of regulations 27 of the RVLR.

Yours sincerely

James Brown

Department for Transport

John UMG624
JC Jebb

I would agree with the rules as far as the headlamps are concerned, but I don't see any reflectors or optics in our front side lamps, rear D-Lamps or dash panel lights.

So apart from headlamps, I don't see a problem with LED's in Y-Types.

But I am just a mere mortal.


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