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MG MG Y Type - Locking petrol cap for the Y

For some time now I have wanted to fit a locking petrol cap to my YB but how....well there is a simple method that allows you to keep the original cap if not on the car then for refitting at a later date if you want to. What you do is get a Morris Minor petrol filler pipe - its a lot shorter than the Y type one but otherwise identical in width and construction. Once you realise that the filer neck is 'sweated on' (soldered basically) it can easily be removed by heating it with a blow torch or even on a gas stove. The filler neck on the Y is also fitted this way so you take the Y filler neck off and after cleaning the end of the Morris filler neck you sweat (solder) it back on to the Y filler pipe in the manner you would do with a plumbing repair. You then get [off ebay] a locking cap (with an adaptor for the Morris Minor - you need that so make sure it comes with it) and fit it to the new filler neck - OK it does not look original but it works and in the event of the car turning over (heaven forbid) the petrol wont leak out and it saves anyone putting stuff in or taking petrol out of the tank.
If you want the original petrol cap back you unsolder the Morris filler neck and solder the Y one back on. Not for purists I suspect but if you want to use the car regularly a useful fitment.


Here is a photo of the finished article - looks quite neat in my opinion!


Maybe this should be added to Hints and Tips too David so that when it falls off the BBS it can be found easily for any one else? What do you think David?

Paul Barrow

I thought you meant the locking cap might fall off...ha ha feel free to add it to the Hints and Tips.

Yeah hadn't thought of that!

I will take that as a YES and harvest the info later on and add it with credits to you!


Paul Barrow

Nice one! How on earth did you discover this?

I will certainly pick up a Morris Minor filler pipe when I see one.
Willem vd Veer

I spotted a Morris Minor petrol filler pipe on ebay and thought it looked similar to the one on the Y type so I bought it. From then on it was just down to observation as to how the filler neck was put on the end of it - i.e. it was just soldered on so I thought the Y type one would be similar and it was.

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