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MG MG Y Type - Market value YT

I'm coming over from another board. I am trying to find the value, and market for YT Tourers.

Can anyone here help, as I cannot find any current values on this model car. Values needed for a car that is one piece and not running to a good driver.

C.R. Tyrell

YT prices are higher than Y-saloon prices. My guess would be that the prices are comparable with TD prices?
The YT is much rarer but some people think that the looks are an 'acquired taste'.

That said, I spoke with a Dutchman who wishes to sell on of his MG's; a YT and a TD. After much deliberation he decided to keep the YT because of it's 'being special'.
Willem van der Veer

A complete car was re-imported from the USA and sold for restoration at a very reasonable £8K (approx) here in the UK a few months ago. In top condition they can sell for over £30K. I would expect to pay £20K+ for a good runner in reasonable condition. Not sure what you mean by “a car that is one piece and not running to a good driver” Hope this helps.
P W Vielvoye

Willem, was it a car from Sommertreff? re Dutchman keeping YT?

Between £17k to £25k for good runner, however the way to buy a cheaper car is to look for one in Europe, the fall in Euro rate v pound now would have saved me few quid if I had todays rate but back in 2012 when I purchased my YT.
R E Knight

If the prices are comparable with TD's, then I have a pretty good idea of where I would sit with this as I have recently restored a TD, and i know that I miss my first born, but I do like the car.... LOL I know that YT parts are not easy to find, so this would be reflected in a price as well.
... CR
C.R. Tyrell

There is a YT for sale in Victoria B.C. for $9,900.00 OBO
It is on the Old English Car Club site. The owners email is listed as Has been in storage for 20 years. Will need restoration.
F.G. Russell

Hi Richard,

It was not a YT that has been at the Sommertreff. I'm trying to convince him to go, but up until now he has not taken the bait.
Willem van der Veer


OK, wondered if it was Jeroen Dopp's white YT? Both our YT's were previously owned by the same owner, and I had seen his and mine together in a dealership in Horn.

I'm not going this year to Sommertreff are you going again this year?
Manfred and Uschi are restricting numbers this year, due to the success and numbers going up each year.

R E Knight

No it wasn't Jeroens car.

Not sure yet if I can make it to the Sommertreff this year.
Willem van der Veer

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