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MG MG Y Type - members around Melbourne? and how old the badge?

Hi All,
Are ther many members aroubd the Melbourne area?with the knowlege and time to help in the possible rebuilding a y saloon.
John Yb0362

JC Jebb


Melbourne ... where? Which country? USA (one just down the road from me here in Washington) Australia?

Paul Barrow

Don't forget there is Melbourne near Derby in the UK!
Chris at Octarine Services

Sorry Down under where where pommies are not fruit! John YB0362
JC Jebb

There are quite a few Y-Type Owners in Melbourne - some are very experienced at Y-Restoration. If you email me at mgyregister(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au, I will but you in touch with a couple of helpful owners.

I cannot help with the age of your badge, but it looks to be from the early days of the Octagon Car Club - can I suggest you email the image to the club directly and they will likely be able to answer the question.


Tony Slattery
Black Mountain Qld

Haha Chris - that was my first thought ... being Belper born and Derby raised!

Paul Barrow

Hi John,

Just spotted your posting on 3rd September.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, have restored an MGYA (Y3498) - amongst other cars - and know my way around the restoration scene down here pretty well.

Not sure what's behind your question but email me if you think I might be able to assist.

N Wakeman

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