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MG MG Y Type - MG YA Original Artwork

I was given a framed painting of an old MG saloon car many years ago (I believe the model is about 1938 ‘ish, I am told by the auctioneer that it is possibly an MG-YA) it was given to me by my friend Mrs. E Pratt, the painting is signed and was part of an advertising champagne to promote the model. It was presented to one of the directors of Caffeyns ,Mr. Pratt, in East Grinstead many years ago.
I have recently taken the painting to Wallis & Wallis auction galleries in Lewes hoping for an accurate valuation prior to me offering it for sale.
Can anyone give me some advice on this type of artwork and the best place I should advertise it for sale? I would like an enthusiast to have it as I am sorry to have to part with it as it will not go in my new home.

If you join this BBS as a member - it is free - you will then have the facility to add a picture to your posting which will enable us to verify whether what you are looking at is indeed an MG YA, or some other car. Without a picture it would be impossible to venture a guess.

Paul Barrow

I have received communication from Wallis & Wallis auctioneers in Lewes that they are to feature my painting of an MG YA saloon on the front cover of their sale catalogue for their sale on October 15th. I am very pleased they find it so attractive I just hope someone wants to buy it who will treasure its uniqueness. I have been told it is a "one off" produced as advertising for that model in 1938 for Caffeys to sell. Artist G Bishop.
LM Hayes


I doubt that this is a Y Type as the Y was not introduced until 1947. The following is from the MG Enthusiasts Model Y Z 11/1300:

The MG Y-type Saloon
Shortly before the outbreak of World War Two, a small saloon had been designed at Cowley to replace the old Morris Eight, known as the Series E production commenced just before the war and was continued after it. Whether it was planned at this point to produce an MG version is not known, although a prototype was said to have been constructed in the pre-war period.
However in 1947 such a car was announced as the Y-type, or YA, saloon. Although the passenger carrying part of the body was essentially the same as the Morris Eight, the YA looked considerably different to the small Morris

An advertising brochure from 1938 would probably be for an SA VA or WA. There are pictures of all three on the referenced site.

This doesn't detract at all from the value of the painting! Would love to see a picture of it.

Larry Hallanger

I echo Larry's comments. Please send me a scan and I will be happy to let you know what you are looking at, and whether it is a Y, or not. My email address is webmast - without an er on the end - If you can send me a scan, I can also publish it on this BBS for you too.

Kind regards

Paul Barrow

Paul - any further news or a picture? Caff(e)yns in S E England, where East Grinstead is, certainly were car dealers and post war I know some branches if not all sold M.G.s probably as a sub-agent to University Motors for London branches. Jarvis of Wimbledon was one such sub-agent. George Eyston was a director there and Jarvis built some of his record breakers as well as their own bodies on M and F Types.

If it is a prewar picture it is most likely to be a VA due to its smaller size than the SA. The WA was not introduced until 1939 although a prototype could have been on M.G.'s October 1938 Motor Show stand.

Rob Dunsterville

I have had no reply (yet) from the auction house, or the original author of the thread, but someone else in the UK is also on the case ... maybe he will have better luck. The dates may be wrong, or the car!! If it is a Y it will be nice to confirmit.

Paul Barrow

Lin has decided to put the painting up for auction. This original artwork is going to be auctioned by Wallis & Wallis on the 15th October. They are based at Lewes, just down the road from me. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the auction but with a start price of £350 it is probably a good thing.

The item can be viewed at:

This artwork seems to have been used on one of the brochures. See Y Register Website.



David Pelham

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