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MG MG Y Type - MG YB NUE 967

Just purchased an original owners manual with a bill of sale inside dated 24/10/70 for YB NUE 967.
Anyone familiar with this car? No numbers, just licence. Thanks. Larry
Larry Brown

If you are unable to trace it via this site or the MGCC you could try the MG Octagon Car Club..failing that maybe John Lawson might have some record.

This car still exists and is on the DVLA site as follows:

The vehicle details for NUE 967 are:

Date of Liability 01 05 2012
Date of First Registration 16 08 1950
Year of Manufacture 1950
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1250cc
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type PETROL
Export Marker N
Vehicle Status Licence Due to Expire
Vehicle Colour GREEN
Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

Thanks. Would be nice to put the car and the manual back together.
Larry Brown

If NUE 967 really is/was an YB, then the Date of First Registration in 1950 would be too early?
Willem vd Veer

I agree with you on the dates. The manual says "Series Y" and has service dates from 1950 through 1961 entered. However, the bill of sale, written in the manual says, as best I can read,
"Received from Mr, or Max, Crabbe the sum of L 15 as deposit against the purchase price of L35 for MGYB Saloon NUE967. dated 23/10/70" (Signed)
B. Savage

"Rec'd balance of L20 on 24/10/70
Paid in Full"

Sorry my keyboard (U.S.) does not have the sign for Pounds. Wish I could buy a Y, or YB, for that price today! Larry

Larry Brown

FYI there is a place called Drimpton in North Dorset, near Beaminster.

Michael Nicholson

Then what I thought was Bcaminister must be Beaminster. Thanks. Larry
Larry Brown

There are still some members of the Crabbe family in Beaminster (Mrs O M Crabbe on 01308-862185) if anyone wants to see if they recall the car ..maybe have pictures? The car must be listed on one of the MG sites surely as its still taxed.

Oops may be should not have posted the phone number thinking about it but it is in BT phone directory.Must be related to previous owner as its an unusual name and Beaminster is a small place.

Small world, recall this thread and reference to Beaminster, which place my late great uncle and former YB owner lived before he died several years ago. Then whilst looking at market for Y's stumbled across this YB

Scroll down and under the similar cars to YB is 4th entry pale green MG YA for sale in Beaminister though when click on the ad would seem to have been old example of one for sale before. Still may be the one here who knows.
R E Knight

You guys are good. If the car is green, then I would wager it is the same. Found the car, but could not get it to open. Wish I had an email address for the owner, so I could get the manual back to him.
Larry Brown

Why not e mail DVLA in Swansea and ask them to pass on a message to the owner for you - might be worth a try?

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