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MG MG Y Type - MGCC Y-Register website

Our website is stiring back into life with an interesting news item, take a look.
P W Vielvoye
T Gardner

Great to see you guys back on line and your shop reactivated.

Paul Barrow

Had my first look at the website tonight. Seems very slow to load pages with pictures.

Is the page with Peter's report on the Autumn run supposed to step off to the right with every picture?
is in urgent need of a proof reader, being peppered with errors, which should have no place on a professional website.

To whom do I send the corrected wording?

Murray Grainger

The International MG Y Type Register
is missing from the Useful Links page
Murray Grainger

From the website: "... send as attachment via email and return to"

After attempting to communicate with said webadmin about various errors on the site:
"Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 550 No Such User Here"

Not looking good ...

Murray Grainger


In answer to some of your questions.

The no longer exists as it would have ended when I ceased to be the webadmin of the website. There has been threads on this previous to this thread, you must of missed it!

In respect of links page, it wasn't finished, sure the new administrators will add in the process of time further links.

In respect of your comment "Not Looking Good..." The site structure is excellent but due to circumstances the Committee were left without an administrator at short notice, hence the minor teething issues you mention.

In respect of picture speed, works fine my end and on the many computers I have tried to view the site with, and the pictures open in the centre, I suggest you maybe check you have latest versions of Java Script and the latest version of your choosen browser.

I suggest try emailing the nine members sure one will make sure it gets to the right person!

Anyway Murray, sure given time they will catch up to where their old site left off i.e the IMGYR you so refer to!


R E Knight

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