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MG MG Y Type - Monte Help: Electronic Ignition

Sacrilege I know but has anyone fitted the same? For the Monte, see earlier post, I want as little in the way of ignition or electrical problems as possible. Thanks.
Marc Hanson


R E Knight

Sorry ignore the above try this one the owner has YB
R E Knight

Electronic ignition was fitted to UMG 804 when I bought it. A series of ignition related problems prompted me to revert to it's former system. With the right coil, distributor, points, rotary arm and so on, the car has run and behaved impeccably.

Electronic ignition has improved over the years, but back in 1983, I bought my wife a brand new Talbot Rancho, it was one of the last ones built and was fitted with electronic ignition, unlike earlier models. That wretched ignition was replaced twice at the then considerable cost of almost 200@ time. I'm not that convinced of the values of the system.
R Taylor

Hi Mark

I had several problems with the ignition system on a TA that I owned up to 2011 and the YT. However, on an MGA that I acquired after selling the T I had a simple electronic system fitted. This has been excellent so I then used a firm in Birmingham H and H Ignition ( rebuilt the distributor in the Y fitted an electronic system. My experience on both cars is that its been a complete boon. The original can easily be installed if necessary.
A definite must if you with to use your Y regularly

Jerry Birkbeck

Jerry, thats my view. Classic and Sportscar who look after my Ys have fitted electronic ignition to lots of TDs without problem. I will take a spare with me just in case.
Marc Hanson

Accuspark and Powerspark supply easy to fit and simple electronic ignition for the XPAG.
Willem van der Veer

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