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MG MG Y Type - Original for the Lansdowne car on eBay

The seller is describing this car as the original Y (licence plate at least) as being the one used to make the Lansdowne LDM28 model.

I have no financial interest in this sale.

Paul Barrow

I looked at this car earlier this year while looking for a Y. At the time the car was a shell with just part of the new headlining in place. The cost of refitting the interior made it too expensive for me.

The car and the plate are not original partners. I believe that the car is Y0303, which was originally registered as FWP 200. I was offered the car with either its original number or UMG 511, held on retention. Personally, I think that classic cars should retain their original registrations.

M Long

My saloon is registered on the road here in Australia as "OWL-543", but that does not suggest that it is the original Monte Carlo Rally Car.

Just an old car with a funny plate !.
A Slattery

It is indeed Y 0303 FWP 200 formerly the late Dennis Sears car.

Looks to be a bit more complete now Mike!

Paul Barrow

The present owner had partially restored the car when I saw it in June. The exterior and mechanicals were complete. I ran the engine, but I could not drive it as there were no seats. The only incomplete part was the interior, apart from the headlining.

The owner had an assortment of seats and trim panels, but they were not a complete set and, if my memory is correct, not even all the same colour. The whole lot was in poor condition and a complete refit of the interior was needed.

He did get a price from an upholsterer for re-trimming the car, but when added to his asking price for the car, the total was just shy of 10,000, which was over my budget. I also thought it high for even a pristine Y.

M Long

Mike, I am surprised my your comment that a "pristine Y" would not be worth 10K.
There are probably many owners who have spent a lot more than that on their cars and value the Y at that or above .
By the time you get all those bits on your car what do you think it is worth?
E Winters

I realise that this may start an argument over the values of our cars, but here goes.

While not wishing to prejudice the sale of the car, when I saw it, the exterior restoration was not of the highest quality. Jack Murray had seen earlier restorations by the same man and was not surprised by my opinion. I would have wanted to do some remedial work to the exterior, adding to the total cost. I did not consider the car to be worth 10k.

During my search, I had several Ys inspected and valued professionally. The opinion of the inspector was that to be worth 10k, a Y type would have to be near perfect. This one did not fall into that category. Several very good Ys have been advertised recently by dealers for under 10k.

I subsequently found and bought a car almost restored to better condition for considerably less than 10k. I have had to complete the restoration, including the purchase of some parts. My total outlay so far, and the car is virtually complete, is about 7k. I have it insured for an agreed value of 8.5k, based on the insurer's valuation.

During my search for a classic car, I found many that were seriously over-valued by their owners. If you watch ebay regularly, you will see that classic cars frequently fail to reach their reserve. Those offered as 'buy it now' are frequently re-listed repeatedly.

A YA offered recently was bid up to just over 6k, but failed to reach its reserve. That car was one that I had had inspected during my search for a Y. It had serious problems with the paintwork, so 6k was probably optimistic. I declined the car. Nonetheless, it is now for sale by a dealer for just under 10k.

M Long

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