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MG MG Y Type - Original 'The Autocar' Y illustration on ebay.

Original drawing from an artist at 'The Autocar' from 1947 at
David Mullen

If anyone here buys that I would LOVE to get a scan.
Steve Simmons

I realise that - that is why I bid on it as soon as I saw it. Thanks, Paul
Paul Barrow

So yabzab is revealed ;-) I'll make do with a scan as well if it keeps the price realistic!
Tim Griggs

Well I got them - cost rather a lot more than the initial 8 though!

As soon as I get them I will get a copy over to the MG Car Club Y Type Register and see if they want to sell them for Regalia. I should imagine there will be an interest!

Please be fully aware that although I have bought these, if the Club do decide to sell them there is no cash back to me - it will be 100% to the Register. Since we may be looking at possibly resourcing half shafts for the YA/YT we will need all the funds we can get for investment in that project possibly. No promises.

Paul Barrow

Blimey.... 41 is serious. Isn't there some way the Register can offer a "royalty" kind of payment to Paul for any copies sold? I wasn't prepared to pay the eventual bid amount, but I'm happy to contribute something: this is after all a unique pair of drawings we can all enjoy, unlike brochures of which there are many copies.
Tim Griggs


Thanks, there probably is but I would want to burden the Register (you dont want to know what I had to pay for the original copy of the First 500 miles which is the master for the wonderful reproduction copies now available from Regalia). The best reward I can have is to have others enjoy their Ys and the website and to buy a copy when these become available through Regalia in due course. This may take a couple of months as logistically I have to get the prints from the UK to here, make a master, send those back to the UK, get approval from the Committee that they want to sell them, then they will have to stock up for them to be sold.

Keep enjoying your Ys, I'll try to keep everyone with stuff!

Paul Barrow

Oops, he did it again:

another Y-related Autocar drawing
Willem van der Veer

Is that a "Y"?
What's with the creases running down the front of the wings? "Y"s don't have them do they?


Paul, I've put you up for at least a mention in despatches, if not a medal for your selflessness!
Has anyone thought to approach this bloke, who appears to have more old documents, to see if there are more Y related, or even MG related, that the club could do a deal for?
Michael Nicholson

Dunno Saul & Willem. I have asked the guy for a better scan. It is most likely (since he refers to it as a Prewar) either an SA/VA or WA range. Watch this space.

Paul Barrow

The seller says that the author wrote an article about how the POST-war fronts of cars evolved as opposed to the pre-war cars.

Probably the drawing in more inspired by the fully enclosed frontwheels of the Y, than the TD (was that introduces by that time?).

So maybe it's not an Y, but it surely is inspired by it; a Special Y then, maybe?
Willem van der Veer

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