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MG MG Y Type - Petrol leak at Sender

Fitted fuel sender last year and all fine but today filled the YB with petrol and immediately noticed petrol pouring out .
Cancelled the planned trip and returned home to find petrol coming from sender .
Now why has this happened and was it just because the tank was full because the leak has more or less stopped .I had always before kept tank about 1/2 full.
Anyway need to sort this before taking the YB out again .
By the way YB 1041 has just returned from having complete paint job .
E Winters


When fitting the fuel gauge it is essential that all the surfaces are both FLAT and CLEAN on the tank, both sides of the gasket and the sender plate. Also look carefully for WHERE the petrol/gas is leaking - is it from the screws that hold the sender in place? Often when removing the old gauge the holes may have been enlarged. Look too to see if you are getting a leak through the sender 'box' with gas getting in there.

Best wishes and let us know what you find.

Paul Barrow

Thanks ,Paul ,and would you recommend using a gasket sealant here and do you know of any petrol resisant
E Winters

You can get an improved rubber seal from Peter Edney see link below. this should cure your problem

Cheers Chris
C A Pick

Hi Ed
No I wouldnt recommend using a sealant - clean flat surfaces are the key and the cork gasket ought to be fine if properly prepared. Important before you take it apart that you establish where the leak is coming from though.
Paul Barrow

Sender replaced last year on the YB and this was the first time tank filled but petrol started leaking .
Tightened sender screws and the screw at 11 oclock was a bit loose . Leak settled down to just a drip from this particular screw so I fitted a small rubber washer and this has stopped the leaking .
Self tappet type screws have at some stage been used to fit sender so had no option but to reuse them .
Intend to use sealant on top of screws and have found the following sealant which claims to be petrol tolerant . the product is called SEAL ALL
E Winters

That sounds like you have located the source of the leak successfully Ed. I would run the tank down and do the same on all the screws if I were you.

Paul Barrow

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