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MG MG Y Type - Please vote for my Y-type (update)

Hi All,

As you may know I've entered a competition to be nominated for a place in the 'Tour of the Century' ( in which my employer Athlon celebrates it's 100th birthday.
The aim is to drive 100 km with 100 cars, built from 1916 to 2016, preferably with 100 different makes. a very nice birthday party that I'm determined to secure a place in.

For a long time my place for 1950 was very safe, also thanks to many votes from this BBS.
Now, of all cars imaginable, a Mercedes-Benz 170D has taken first place. Apart from not being a British car, this is especially insufferable because often the MG Y-type is confused with this car.

PLEASE spare me (or is it us?) the defeat by a 170D and 'like' my car by clicking the 'thumbs up symbol' on:

Willem van der Veer

OK, seconds after this posting the magic number 251 was reached; thanks.

Willem van der Veer

Remember you can vote daily on this!

Willem - can you keep this thread updated daily by providing the scores - MG Y XX - Mercedes YY so that we know if we are ahead or need to overtake?

When is the closing date for this?

Paul Barrow

Thank you all for voting.

A few days ago I had 199 votes and now 362, that's pretty impressive.

The score MG - Mercedes is now 362 - 304.

Please keep voting, I think that after a few days you can vote again.

Willem van der Veer

363 LOL
R E Knight

Paul Barrow

386 - 315....
Willem van der Veer

315 is the Merc?

Paul Barrow

Yes 315 is the Mercedes
Willem van der Veer

After 3 days I tried to vote again - no luck, but your score is now 414 !!...

In order to revote you will have to clear out your computer's cache browsing history - not a big problem, just make sure you dont clear out REMEMBERED PASSWORDS though!

I mainly use Mozilla Firefox but I also have Google Chrome for doing these sorts of things on! It is very easy to delete histroy on.

Paul Barrow

In my experience, if you try a week later then the vote block is off, but that may have been because the history on the office computer is often deleted.

The score now is MG 417 - Mercedes 316.

We've entered the top 10 and in doing so the Y-type left in it's dust a:
- Porsche 911 E
- Lamborghini Gallardo
- Chevrolet Camaro
- Ford Mustang

(OK, also a Peugeot 405 Break, but that doesn't sound very spectacular...).

A big thank you to all of you.

Willem van der Veer

425 v 316 now!

When is the closing date Willem?

Paul Barrow


I don't know really when the closing date is.
The Tour will take place in September, so I guess the contest will run for a while.

I'll just have to post another thread when the Mercedes comes close...

Willem van der Veer

Or just update this one Willem?

Paul Barrow

This thread was discussed between 15/05/2016 and 21/05/2016

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