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MG MG Y Type - Radiator muff or blind

My car seldom gets to 70 degrees centigrade even working hard..
Does anyone know where a radiator muff is available?
A blind would be easier to make I suppose but taking off the radiator shell to fit it seems a lot of trouble.
Any ideas?
j m nicholson

Sounds OK to me - you must have a clean and efficient raditor core!

The water is getting warm - but not hot. That is how it should be.

Paul Barrow

Do we need to hear from someone knowlegable like Neil?
My understanding is that short of actually boiling, the hotter the engine, the more efficient it is.
This morning the temperature was only just above freeezing and I took the Y out. It didn't reach 60 degrees and ran at 50 degrees cruising at 45mph. This can't be a high enough temperature can it, Neil.
Before you say it, I'm looking for a decent thermometer to check the gauge, but it's new.
j m nicholson

Michael: I have the same concern in winter; you're right that running below temperature can be inefficient - higher fuel consumption, and higher engine wear because the oil never reaches working temperature. I've found that blanking off about one-third of the radiator helps considerably - without it the heater matrix, as one index of coolant temperature, doesn't really get usefully warm.

I've found that a shaped piece of corrugated cardboard can be inserted in front of the radiator matrix: painted black it looks OK, though not an elegant solution, and it can be removed in the Spring. Or about the end of January, given what seems to be happening to the weather here...
Tim Griggs

Hi, I'm no expert, but I seem to recall that the optimum working temperature for our type of engine is 82degrees C.(someone correct me if I'm wrong)
Has your car had the thermostat removed as this would allow the full volume of cold water to circulat freely and not giving it a chance to heat up properly.
Perhaps I would suspect the accuracy of the gauge!
Keith D Herkes


Mine was only a personal opinion - that is to say 75 seemed OK to me.

The cardboard solution is practical, although as stated someone may have removed the old style thermostat at some stage - they were not always reliable - especially if they were old. Somewhere I saw a mod you could make to an xpag to fit a more modern type ... but they may not be any more reliable!

Back in the old days (1948) you would have bought a blind that you could have pulled up from inside the car, however they are not so easy to get now!! Also in those days antifreeze was not so good as it is now. What concentration of AF are you using? Too high a concentration may also be causing some problems.

Paul Barrow

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