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MG MG Y Type - Radiator rebuild

I am needing a radiator rebuild, basically a new core for and have been advised there are two types of cores ,
1. a CT core which is slightly less in cost and more efficient
2. A Tubular core which is supposedly just like the original
Given this car is in Australia where we have generally higher temps than the motherland of birth does anyone have a view or opinion on the two types, or will the choice not matter .
What price could I expect to pay for thus service ?

Christopher , he he , how are you buddy .
CR Dickinson

A Y-Type owner up this way is a Radiator Wizard. I will send him an email about this thread.



Tony, I guess you mean Rob Snell? - a fellow Y owner and indeed very good standard of work. Yours, John.
J P Hall

Christopher, I have recored a few y-type radiators I have always used Aussie made tubular cores - the original cores had a 3 row steel finned core with brass tubes the new locally made cores are a 3 row with Louvered brass fins and have a closer tube pitch ( tubes closer together) which gives better performance than the old homeland made product and look original when in place.
The CT cores will often outperform the tubular but are not as robust.
If I used a CT core I would use a 38mm 8.5 tube pitch core as the bottom header plate is only 46mm wide a thicker core would require modification and the 38mm core would fit comfortably inside the side bands which are a similar width for a neat fit I would not recommend a cheaper 32mm core with wider pitch .
I still have a original core in my car that I stripped and cleaned about 9 years ago and still works well.
The only overheating I have had was due to ignition timing but all sorted now.
As for cost I have charged AU$520+gst for the last couple years only for fellow Y-type owners for the tubular core- the CT core would not be much cheaper for a 38mm quality core.
If having recored locally suggest a Redback core they are very well made and reasonably priced.
I can always help if you wish to freight to Brisbane.

Cheers Rob
R J Snell

There, I told you he was a wizard !

Thank you Rob and Tony for your useful information, I will check out the Redback core as a local alternative and see where I go from there.
Didn't mean to confuse but my name is Clive, coincidentally my friend Christopher posted on wheels only minutes before mine and I was just saying Hi to him .
This is a great site for help with our babies.
CR Dickinson

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