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MG MG Y Type - rear weather window strip

hi lads, can anybody tell me where I can get a rear window weather strip from (its for the rear drivers side), its the felty type strip that runs along the top of the door panel but at the bottom of the window presumably to keep the rain from dribbling down into the door, I have been on the archives and 3or 4 classic car suppliers but I have had no luck,, may someone out there has one to sell or can help thanks Don
dw walker


Have you called Mike at NTG?

Paul Barrow

Don Woolies may have what you are after and probably cheaper than NTG they will send a sample.
Peter Vielvoye

Be sure to retain the small "L" shaped clips on the one you are removing. These will need drilling out and pop riveting to the new weatherstrips. Don't forget to make a template first so that the holes in the door line up.
P M Grafham

Weather strip code for Woolies is 152 on page 15 of their cat, comes in 2mtr lengthe at 7.50 inc vat,
make sure you lay it on a stout piece of scrap wood ie drill through the strip into the wood,if you just clamp the strip in the vice without support the hole tends to run off.
John UMG624
JC Jebb

thanks lads I have sent off for a woollies cat, also thanks for the tips you have gave me they will come in useful regards don.
dw walker

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