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This query is very much aimed at the teccy guys in the Bulletin but may also have occurred to others who have as a result resolved the problem.

Yesterday, on the way both to and from Stony Stratford we travelled over along a variety of road surfaces from good to very indifferent. Whilst the YT kept to the highway perfectly (just makes you realise how good the rack and pinion steering is compared with an older bishops cam found on the TC though that is to be resolved) on tight corners and when ever Jo leant over to clear the misting windscreen the UJ Flange and Yoke could be heard catching the prop shaft cover.

My query is what is causing this. Last year I did have a slight problem with this and ended up packing the space between the cover and the floor with a narrow strip of ply (25mm width x 15 mm depth). When I came to replace the floor following the fitting of new brake pipes last week I fitted and bolted the floors and the cover to the gear box and then screwed the p/shaft cover to the floor. So where have I gone wrong and/or is there a more fundamental problem?

I have thought of the following (a) the condition of the rear springs (though they are all intact) (b) the rear shockers and (c) the bushes on the panhard rod. These use rubber bushes and I have a set of polyurethane bushes to fit.

From your experience is it any of these or is there a glaringly obvious solution that I have missed?

Look forward to any ideas or advice that you may be able to offer!

All the best
Jerry Birkbeck


How new are your gearbox mounts? If they are riding too high or too soft this could possibly cause the sway of the gearbox tail and UJ to touch. Also, is the tail of the gearbox secured via the small threaded bar pin down sufficiently into the mounts and cross bar?

Those would be my first targets. Much easier to look, check and adjust on a hoist though than crawling under the car too.

Paul Barrow

Ditto for Paul's remarks.

I would also inspect the condition of the front engine mount. If that is soft and sits too low, the gearbox mounting will work as a fulcrum, multiplying the movement of the engine on the point of the UJ flange.
Willem van der Veer

Look at where the floor is supported near the gearbox mount - there is a lot of weight bearing there - it's easy to bend the gearbox mounting "wings".

There should also be a layer of felt between the channel and the tunnel - it was not designed to be a metal to metal mounting. It was thinner than the felt between the floor panels and the tunnel, but I have seen both in unrestored cars.


Thanks all for your guidance - the next job on the YT.
All the best
Jerry Birkbeck

Dear All

Just a thanks to all. It was Chris Callaghan who suggested that perhaps the hand brake fixings were too long. I took out the floor etc and took the opportunity to replace the gearbox mounts one of those jobs which was entirely straightforward for once.

The propshaft was scored exactly in relation to both securing bolts. I cut the bolts to size and replaced. A road test found no problems and a run to Silverstone on Saturday was fine - save for meeting up with two cycling club rallies - about 500+ less than three miles from Silverstone Village!

The one problem that I did experience was a rattle from the interior mirror. I am sure that when I took it apart some while ago I put the metal strip that fits between the rear of the mirror unit and the glass the wrong way round - sounds about par for me!

Thanks again

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